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  1. well, nothing is "resolved" at all. watch the group chat on the firestorm support group. grid-wide issues!
  2. NOT a reply to Whet - this forum drives me mad, technically... my 2 cents bla bla bla bla "welcome" - let's wait and see. sl is NOT a bleedin game. a vice-gamer charing a complex world? hm, dunno eta: reading some stuff above, jesus, it's gettin worse. game = disneyfication
  3. back to the topic... guess, it's useless. the lab decided to let children in. WE have to deal with it.
  4. nice one, we don't have enough script kids and other secondary schoolers - as "syldavians" around, yet? open it up, though, open the gates... edit: this wasn't a reply to Ceera.Murakami
  5. q, thanks a lot for your impetus. my 2 cents: "more options"? it's not only the miserable ui. whenever i give it a try, lately out of curiosity with the up-to-date release of snowstorm, also my whole invent became a mess. as predicted, as usual. most funny is the behaviour of these not very well designed viewers when talking about personal equipments: after login, the ao isn't attached, prim-skirts either, left shoe and right earring is missing/not attached, fast-alpha isn't working etcetera etcetera. fixing these issues is time-killing. actually, i am fully satisfied with the evolution from
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