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  1. Like Lizard Howl said it's always the safest to be well informed. But not all landlords are bad people. We have leased an island and a mooring dock for our yacht around the Blake Seas and we can look back at good customer service. Always do a precheck on the landlord. Is he well organized, how many land does he own and what is written i the covenant. Prices may vary, depending on location and economics. But it's not only the size of the land that counts. The most important is the primcount. After all, what good i it to live on large land with only 250 prims to use. We now rent out hangar s
  2. Just type CTRL+ALT+V and you'll be able to fly. But please use this wisely..... Cheers, YM
  3. I recieve most "non-reply" mails from LL, but some of them are plain and they come from the same sender. Btw, the link do work in my mail (just did a copy/paste from it, that's why the links don't work. Sorry about that) but i didn't used them. Instead, i logged in with my usual link i have in my favorite folder. I did change my billing settings, as a precaution. It still feels a bit odd though.
  4. Yesterday i received a mail from LL: --------------- Dear Yann This email contains important information that affects your Second Life account and requires action in order to continue any payment transactions with Second Life. Due to the conclusion of the Second Life local payments beta program, it is required that you add a new credit card or PayPal account by going to your billing information page on Secondlife.com. You must act by Jan. 9 or future Second Life payment transactions will not be processed. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Knowledge Base or reach out
  5. Oh i love demo skins. It makes me feel noobish all over again.......:mantongue: YM
  6. Here's a suggestion: Find the weirdest avatar, wear a giant (certain male organ) and next time he/she shows up, start humping him/her. Cheers, YM
  7. Bought my first fying thingy there. The Terraclaw. Still have it....i think. I've visited Abbotts a few weeks ago and i must say that it didn't chaged very much. It's all supply and demand these days. Almost every week there is the release of a new plane or helicopter. If an aeroport doesn't evolve, it is doomed. Still sad to see it go though. Cheers, YM
  8. Most cars look good until you drive them. Either their handling is bad or their engine sound is a poor recorded loop. Haru Motors has good looking cars but Prostreet has recently launched their new models and i must say that they come very close to the real deal. Nice engine sounds, even when shifting (also animated) and you can set their handling. And yes, i love the Model-T too, lol. :manvery-happy: Cheers, YM
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