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  1. When are the dutch speaking (Belgium and Holland) residents going to have their own room in the international Forum? I'm sure there are plenty of them joined here. Hallo jongens, wordt eens wakker?!
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  2. Sure, LL can't do anything about everything since it is always the resident's fault.

    Even with my i7 core HP with the latest NVidia graphics card SL everything either is super slow or even freeze's after crossing a few sims.

    You might expect every update or restart result in an improvement.....

    Not in SL....it gets only worse lately......

  3. 1) you apologize They already did. Lately, that's all they do around here.

    2) you offer a window when the product will be available not a flip rude tough luck message Sure, if u're willing to wait until hell frezzes over.

    3) you offer me my money back or some kinda sweet discount--or maybe a sweet linden bonus to compensate for false advertising...you offered me a home, took my money and didnt deliver..feels like a bait and switch. what? all I get is this lame sandbox instead of a home?? No fat chance. Once they received u're money you are being ignored until ya give up.

    4) give me a ReSPONSIBLE PROACTIVE place to easily find the housing update...not some stupid passive list of twitter tweets to wade through. LL and responsibility doesn't match. No matter what went wrong, they always blame it on their residents.


    So....welcome to Second Life.....

  4. Weird or not, but it's possible.

    When i was inworld, this newbie literally dropped almost near my feet while i was building a RMX console. So i asked if he was ok and he just stood there for a moment. So i let him, kinda ignoring him and moving on with the build. Then he left without saying a word. A few days later he returned, introduced himself and we started to talk again. He was exporing the grid and had no real home. So i invited him to set his home position at my place. Soon i learned that he lived in the same country, not far from me and we kinda connected, despite our age difference. I ivited him over IRL and after a while, we fell in love. Now we have a steady relationship. He lives during the week at his place, close to work but the weekends he comes over. The one minor point is that he takes over my computer to be inworld.....lol! So, although the chances are very slim, it is possible. I considder myself very lucky he 'dropped' by. Murphy's law, perhaps? Who knows?.....

  5. Hehe, it happened to me once.

    I was looking fort his car and via edit/creator's name/picks i ended up on this gallery, clearly not a car shop. The gallery owner was there, welcomed me friendly and immediately asked if i was looking for cars. He then informed me the former (car builder) left and more people were dropping in, looking for cars but it wasn't a problem because he received visitors. I felt guilty to leave him empty handed so i bought one of his paintings instead of a car.

    I still have it, lol....

  6. How much money one spend in SL is their choice. I can afford it so i am not stupid at all. True, even for me RL is more important and my inworld time is limited. Hell, if LL goes offline tomorrow, big deal.....i don't care. My partner is addicted to it so i let him enjoy although lately he starts to loose interest in it too.

    But bear in mind that their are people inworld who have invested seriously in SL. I am talking about builders, club owners, land owners and more....

    For them it is a big deal. They invest not only money but also a lot of time just because they enjoy it. What bothers me is the big ignorant attitude of LL managment and the way they treat residents.

    I remember the big companies inworld years ago (Mercedes, Seat, GM, Nissan, IBM, ING, Sony and many more.........)

    Hamburg-based research firm Komjuniti conducted a study into attitudes amongst Second Life users of companies marketing within the virtual community.

    The results were worrying for the future of marketing using this medium. 72% of respondents said they were disappointed with real world company activities in Second Life, and just over 40% felt that these marketing promotions would not last. Result: the majority of them have left by now.

    What is LL position in this? Do they really care?

    I doubt it.......

  7. Oh come one people, are You all blind or simply stupid?

    I am fed up with these lame exuses every time like  'despite our best efforts, something went wrong' like they think we're all a bunch of toddlers.

    But i am more fed up with residents behavior. Open your eyes, look around for christ sake. Never has been so many land set for sale as the past weeks. Clubs, shops, airports, marina's.....they all close. Open maps, and see for yourself. The only thing that works fine is the cashier and paypall system and they don't give a damn if you have problems. They always come up with exuses. Stop being so ignorant and overprotective towards LL.

    I have seen good people leaving, people abandoning their land and even close their account because they've had enough. Do you think LL cares about that. Do you think they even considder for just a second about a refund or any form of compensation? Right, i don't think so....




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