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  1. Well what do you expect? You aren't a premium account so they don't make money out of You. So they don't care about Your problems either. Their answer is a very polite meaning of saying "**bleep** You!" In fact, they don't even care nor are they helpful towards premium residents unless You own a lot of sims. This is not a rant, but pure experience over the last eight years.
  2. No it will not. I will keep on singing songs in there.......:matte-motes-wink-tongue: At least give it a try.....
  3. Yes, the Phoenix fashion departement does not like what you are wearing.....please change u're outfit ASAP......
  4. My hair sometimes suddenly attach to my crotch. So i have to shave it off and tape it back onto my head......i really hate it when that happens....
  5. It's a lot better than not to be able to connect to a stimulator.....
  6. Everyone is welcome at our little docking place. But i can see why certain people want to have some privacy. An orb is better than those annoying banlines. If you get ejected, smile and move along. There are worser things in life......
  7. 75 x 75 divided by 2 times the length plus the square rooth minus........err.........you need a big plot of land.........or sky.......i think.......
  8. When are the dutch speaking (Belgium and Holland) residents going to have their own room in the international Forum? I'm sure there are plenty of them joined here. Hallo jongens, wordt eens wakker?!
  9. Hmm.... I like the idea of a mutlitple sim race track. Perhaps mail your idea towards LL and see if they are interested. You got my vote on that one.
  10. 9999L$ is cheap. I payed 60.000L$ to build a docking place for our Loonetta sailboat and a small boathouse with lounge deck. (off course, waterfront parcels are the most expensive, especially near the Blake Seas)
  11. Sure, LL can't do anything about everything since it is always the resident's fault. Even with my i7 core HP with the latest NVidia graphics card SL everything either is super slow or even freeze's after crossing a few sims. You might expect every update or restart result in an improvement..... Not in SL....it gets only worse lately......
  12. Rolling restarts, my ass.....it's about bloody time someone at LL grow some balls and start firing people responcible for this ongoing misery. Every time they come up with a new idea SL gets worse......
  13. 1) you apologize They already did. Lately, that's all they do around here. 2) you offer a window when the product will be available not a flip rude tough luck message Sure, if u're willing to wait until hell frezzes over. 3) you offer me my money back or some kinda sweet discount--or maybe a sweet linden bonus to compensate for false advertising...you offered me a home, took my money and didnt deliver..feels like a bait and switch. what? all I get is this lame sandbox instead of a home?? No fat chance. Once they received u're money you are being ignored until ya give up. 4) give me a ReSPON
  14. Off course, abandoned land means less income for LL. Get the picture?:manwink:
  15. Bug fixes here, bug fixes there. You guys sound like Microsoft. First release and then solve dozens of problems afterwards.
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