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  1. There are many clubs (and other locations) that have pledged not to use Rz or any like tools. Here's a list of 'safe' places, as a start: Pledging against Redzone We don't have to stop enjoying things we formerly enjoyed in SL and these spyware tools are not a reason to stop going to clubs, but they are a reason to talk to the owner/management and ask the question, use the tools available to make a decision as to whether it's safe to turn on your music streaming. And once you've found a place that you like, that is also safe, then you're set Savvy places are now advertising their privac
  2. I understand this is a bug in Snowstorm, which Kirsten's is based upon. There is a JIRA about it also but I'm not sure what stage it's at, I haven't looked in a while. Sorry I can't provide a link, but I'm in a rush to do something else. Search on tight pants or browse through the JIRA items in the Snowstorm project. Any viewer based on Snowstorm will have the same issue. For my experience I can vouch for Catznip as well as Kirsten's.
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