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  1. Tonight at Noir, just dancing with friends ^^
  2. LOL, geezus christos. Ok, in the spirit of adding something to this....special thread, I present the eternal ear candy of Motley Crue: And, I dunno, Ozzy Osbourne's new Straight to Hell is p good, I guess 😆
  3. Oh man, what the heck is going on here? Look, your analogy is flawed in the sense that you're assuming this "person with a peanut allergy" isn't aware of the dangers of working in a peanut factory. So are you assuming that SL escorts aren't aware there are jerks out there? I mean, they ARE aware. This is like a person with a peanut allergy trying to avoid peanuts as best as they can, but there are peanuts in everything! Because peanuts are cheap and versatile and no one feels that that should change because such is life. So, instead of holding those who would treat SL escorts l
  4. Took a stroll after a dancing at the Conservatory tonight:
  5. Hi, folks, just a quick question! I made this pant leg in Blender https://gyazo.com/6663b00ba08da77a0ed060187fd7bfdf I'm wondering if it is possible to create a single mesh object with two different faces so that it can be textured differently on either side?
  6. Cool! Did you keep the silver ring you used to summon them? 😄
  7. Would I date my av? Yeah, sure. You don't get many chances to date a literal demon, right? 🙂
  8. The Adrenalina sim is so beautiful, especially under the Coral Reef WL setting 🙂
  9. Okay, I need a better av poser, but other than that, here's mine: Based on this drawing??? (It looks like a finished painting, but OK, Getty Museum!) by Antonio Rotari http://media.getty.edu/museum/images/web/enlarge/37862201.jpg
  10. Cool challenge. Lemme see what I can do 8D
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