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  1. Well, i just find the solution on that; after 2 or 3 test i bet its the trouble, how to fix its simple; http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/140592-hard-drive-turn-off-hard-disk-after-idle-never.html and look your result, mine its perfect since i do that.
  2. I have the same trouble, and i cant fixe that. Honestly im a little irritating of that.
  3. Well, Thanks FG to clarify that thing cause, honestly i hate the bad rumors.. its more simple to clarify the thing, all the time and Yay! for this fixes of group limite, great work! Do you know for the trouble SSL handshake failed.. in 2.4+ for all the profile? Cause its very annoying
  4. Vir, do you know the price for an upload of Mesh after the integration in agni or not yet?
  5. Yay! let me test some thing with the Mesh! I'm happy now *finaly*
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