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  1. There is no reason to take an attitude when I was just giving suggestions. I agree they are time consuming projects but taking some small bites can go a long way. Some quick things you can do to help declutter: 1. Get rid of old landmarks 2. Get rid of notecards 3. Use a script to find duplicates 4. If you don't have them yet, start creating folders to start cleaning up, such as Christmas, clothes (which I have many subfolders), furniture, etc. Do a search to be able to find these items quickly. Then you can go back and work on the folders little by little. By doing this, I was able to clean up my inventory so I only had the sorting folders at the bottom of my inventory. I did a similar thing under my Objects folder. Gratefully I started using folders when I first started SL so at least I had a little more organized mess. Take my advice or not. I was just trying to help. For instance, the majority of my textures came boxed (and I save them already boxed) so I quickly moved those boxes into a single box that has a script to read the contents without having to open the box. When it comes to holiday items, those are easy to throw into a single box that I rez at that holiday time. Getting rid of old landmarks and notecards are the two quickest and easiest ways to debulk you inventory. I think it would have been great to have some of the tools I mentioned in the very beginning so my suggestion may still help others who are new or have small inventories right now. I agree that I would LOVE to be able to work on my inventory when I am offline or to have some better tools to manage our inventories but if you have the time to do it offline, isn't it still the same amount of time you need to work on it?
  2. I have over 250,000 items in my inventory because I build, make clothes and tried my had with a photo biz. All of which are huge inventory hogs with all the textures, poses, backdrops, etc. There are several items that you can use to manage your inventory. 1. (CTS) Wardrobe by Carlyle Theas - It is described as a visual organizer for your clothes but it can be used for all of your inventory items! I love this product and wish I had it when I first started SL. It may be time consuming depending on how in-depth you want to be! Find it https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CTS-Wardrobe-Organize-your-outfits-with-style-A-visual-inventory-organizer/935078 2. There are many different different inventory organizers where you can store inventory items in boxes to store in a physical location to debulk your inventory. I have listed just a few from the marketplace below: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CTS-Archive-Inventory-Storage-and-Safe-Keeping/15567629 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Virtual-Inventory-v12-Organize-Store-Retrieve-Backup-Share-items/16881451 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ProLine-Deluxe-Floor-Filer-Pair-Wood/1955995 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Easy-Inventory-OrganizerHud-Black/5659 **Note: I just discovered there is one that works with the CTS Wardrobe! I am excited to play with it! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CTS-Archive-Inventory-Storage-and-Safe-Keeping/15567629 3. If you have a lot of textures, sounds and animations, then organize them using the tool below or other similar texture organizers! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skidz-Partz-TMat-Powerful-Texture-Sculpty-Animation-Sound-Organizer/142845 NOTE: I have not used all of the recommended products above. I have the Wardrobe, the TMat texture organizer, and a product similar to the filing cabinet but a different brand. I plan on getting the Archive product now that I have found it! I hope some of my suggestions will help you!!
  3. Shudo wrote: Caitlin Applewhyte wrote: I was so excited about the news that there will be in increase in prims for FREE from Linden Labs! What a great gift LL has given. But that excitement quickly disappeared when estate owners got greedy! PLEASE! Not *ALL* estate owners got greedy. Correct your words. Some did, but most of us - including me - passed the bonus on fully. And do you know what, I wear the loss in exchange too - 248 to 260 now - I have not increased my rents to cover that shortfall. Caitlen, hun, some advice for you: If you don't like how your current agent is dealing with you find a new one. There are hundreds of us, really. Some have battery farm estates where they crowd as many people onto a sim as they can, some have themed communities, some have pre-landscaped, some offer the cheapest possible price. If you look around you will find someone who rents something perfect for you. I never said "ALL" estate owners...I said "estate owners" i.e. the owners of the land which I bought the sim from. If the land was only for my personal use, I would have left and found a better company to work with but that always possible for business owners. Matt had just uprooted his successful mall to move to this full sim so moving again would be detrimental to the business.
  4. To clear things up...Matt and I are talking about the same land. I am his girlfriend and live on the same sim as Matt's mall. The issues here is not about my feeling entitled to more prims. Matt and I have a full sim so the increase in prims was only expected when LL increased the prims on the estates..and we did get those prims. The issue here is how the Land Management handled this increase. As Matt explained, we bought the sim and then immediately our tier was raised not once but 2 times. This coincided with the announcement that LL was increasing the prim count on all land. The land was NOT bought with a promotional rate and Matt had several sims from this place before adding this additional sim. In my opinion, this increase in tier was due to greed. I have had a lot of experience owning land from a small 512 sqm lot to setting up a brand new sim for a charity. So I have had enough experience with land in SL to recognize when a land management company gets greedy. In all the times I have owned land, this is the first time I have had my tier increased. Most will agree that renting or buying land from a management company is entering into a contract.I feel this management company breached this contract when they raised the tier twice in a very short period of time. I apologize for not explaining this in my first and original post.
  5. I was so excited about the news that there will be in increase in prims for FREE from Linden Labs! What a great gift LL has given. But that excitement quickly disappeared when estate owners got greedy! Instead of ALL us benefiting from this great gift, those that own the sims thought this was a great way to make more money! Don't be fooled! They may say that the maintenance fees have gone up but that is completely wrong! LL earlier this year actually LOWERED the maintenance fees! When that happened, land owners weren't nice enough to pass that along to all of us who rent or "own" land. Instead they padded their pockets and they are doing it again with the prim increases! LL is trying to make the user experience better for all of us! I applaud them for doing it too! But because of greed, the only ones truly benefiting are the estate companies who are charging us for the new prim counts! Sadly there is no way to boycott these companies because they control the private estates. Some companies are even charging these increases to current land owners, such as RGF, who are not honoring the contract made when the land was purchased! It disgusts me how greed has taken away the enjoyment of SL that LL is trying to spread.
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