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  1. It's really no wonder LL has a habit of adding new features without consulting the userbase first. They introduced full html5 support on media prims a month or two ago and not a peep was said about it. Smoothest update I ever saw. I see that and think "man...we could have had new bones by now " Reminds me a lot of why I left SL for five or 6 years i think I can do just about everything I need with the new skeleton setup
  2. Actually, to move the topic away from "More bones MORE BONES", Let me ask a question about the set we currently have and how it could be used. Let's say I have a bipedal avatar that has something like Talons (think a harpy) and I want them to be able to grip on their own. Could I take the extra legs from the knee to the feet, move them so they're right next to the main bones, then animate them as if they was part of the original set of legs? would that be doable or make things too complecated to even consider?
  3. all of the things you mentioned can already be done using the bones they are already adding if you use them creatively. (the antenna bones would do a good job with that I would very much like to try the new skeleton, as I think a lot of the things I wish to do are possible by using the extra bones. I hope we hear more soon!
  4. Scaling bones is not possible and while I can't speak for LLs, I don't think it's going to be a feature in the near future.
  5. I didn't want to chip in because there seemed to be a lot of debate about bones, but for the devs in this thread: is there a way to use the extra bones to give a character extra digits/toes than the ones on the default feet? It's something I've wanted for a long time, but seems largely ignored by creators in this thread and it's a shame. is there a way to use these bones to add extra toes to a bipedal avatar? a simple example would really help me get my new avatars going. Thanks!
  6. I'm VERY interested in this, it works surprisingly well, especially on the things I didn't expect it to (construct games work! woo!) the frame rate is a little slower thant I would have liked (around 30fps), but I can't complain otherwise. one thing I would really like: Is it possible we could allow certain colors to show as transparent on prims/meshes? I know people are going to say 'THIS WILL BE USED IN GRIEFING" but it would open up endless possibilities for creative things . for example, shooting galleries that could have targets on many layers, or floating holigrams that use html code to change the display like in star wars; none of which would cause server lag if used properly. if I were to have that, I could make multi-layered pinball tables that worked! I wouldn't hold off the release of project valhalla if it didn't come out or anything, but if it was at all possible, I would love to see it!
  7. I've been having this probem too and as a potential game maker for SL, its very frustraiting. none of my games work as they should on SL and I've tried reporting it, but to little avail.
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