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  1. Due date is on 29th. not grandfathered, I will pay transfer fee Thank you IM Vita Camino
  2. Non grandfathered full region sim for sale, only $300 and I will pay the transfer fee, which is $100. Please IM Vita Camino in world.
  3. Tier pad till 29th .Please contact Vita Camino in world. or here. thank you
  4. Full region sim for sale. $500. Will pay transfer fee. Well established sim, fully landscaped. Giardini Di Vita , come and see. IM Vita Camino in world Thank you.
  5. Need someone to rig (With Avastar) and AO map the clothes I create in Marvelouse Designer. IM me in world Vita Camino Thank you.
  6. I know how much official LL rate for it now, so it has to be below $600. The lower the faster I can pay you. I also need the proof that sim tier will be $195 a month. IM me in world Vita Camino.
  7. Hello Topaz, I just got your message in SL. yes, I am still looking. I sent you reply there with my email address.
  8. I havent received your message in world. Woukd you please send it again? I will be logged in now on
  9. Kinda pricy considering the price of full regions people are selling in this chat 300$-$400, with transfer fee included.
  10. Need a full region 15000p, standing alone sim, no neighbors. Please contact me here or in world. Thank you Vita Camino
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