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  1. Full mainland sim for sale. Denfelir Waterfront on one side sloping up to mountain top on the other. Fully developed for recreation or stripped bare for you to develop. 50,000L or best offer.
  2. Funny, I have land in Zindra and the mainland that has been for sale for over two months because I have decided to leave SL, basically no interest in it. It is all land on protected boundaries, in decent sims. In my humble opinion, LL has pretty much killed the value of land in SL over the past few years. When I think back to four years ago when land was actually worth something and what I paid for the land, I am now trying to sell it is sad. I know some people will likely disagree but a review of the current auctions shows that the starting prices that they are asking for is about .1/2L / sq. m and for most of those parcels there are no bids. Try opening your land maps in world and look at the amount of yellow parcels for sale. It is scary. Bottom line, land values in SL are already dead and if it is not much use to complain about it. Whether this is a reflection of too many people speculating on land ownership or failing memberships so that there is more land than potential owners, I don't know. Looking at the post of the CEO about what LL is doing to invigorate SL for 2012 does not show any improvement for landowners. The only comment is that they are not going to increase the tiers this year! Wow! What a biscuit that is! The land holders are all the premium members whose land values they help destroy by selling lots at 1L/m (or less at auction now) and they are not going to increase our fees for the privilege of not being able to sell our lands at a decent price. And people wonder why I have decided to leave SL....
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