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  1. I'm guessing - I think you Alt-left click the avatar to lock the camera. I can recall using that to zoom out from the avatar to see more road while riding on a motorcycle. Firestorm lets you save and load camera positions as preset, and I think SL viewer has on their camera tool also. Maybe take a look at the Spot-on tool sets which choreographers use to position, move, and animate avatars as well. Hope this helps.
  2. Oh really? you couldnt find a better way to present the presence of the black male avatar than that? I've seen that skin, I know the Tellaq skin line - dont look nothing like what is in that video you put out for the world to see. What was wrong with the 'Tyson" skin? too pretty for the vid? Tsk Tsk whoever did that video -- it sucked big time for that reason..
  3. yes, thats why i was thinking -- of separating out events like this across some workable platforms - put the merchandise on a web or flash based page-- like Izuu, or wix.com or whatever -- the merchants get more looks - the entertainers get attention, and i get my new hairdo before the style is a week old! *winks!
  4. Hair Fair started this weekend. it took me 2 days to get in. then when i get there, i freeze up and cant move... and then the designers will create just for the event and you cant get the item anywhere else except at the event - ok that's expected, but not very efficient and quite frustrating... my thoughts are, why not save us the lag and make some other kind of delivery device for these events - sorta like how the marketplace itself functions, but just for these events/fairs.... sure i love strutting and flying around SL, but sometimes i jus wanna see whats there to offer and grab it and go!!! smdh Divas Unite!
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