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  1. I doesn't work on any couch and my friends can change sit on the couches I can't. Thanks anyway!
  2. Oh and ofcourse I turned my AO off.. :matte-motes-tongue:
  3. Hi! Very odd... When I sit on my couch the page up and down keys won't change my position anymore. NumLock is off, tried it on other couches, does not work elsewhere either. Friends can change position on same couches I tried. I use Phoenix. I think I must have ticked or unticked something in my prefs or in my Advanced. I hope you have some helpful suggestions! Greetz, Yip
  4. wow! I am in Sl since 2006 and not able to script anything yet! Oh well, lots of us are here for other reasons than building. Check out Arts and crafts and especially live music! I buy the stuff people build..lol. Have fun!
  5. Hoi Dave, Ik wil best in mijn eigen moedertaal iets schrijven. Het lijkt me echter voor de nieuwe CEO best lastig alle talen van de wereld te kunnen ontcijferen. Daarnaast is SecondLife uiteindelijk door Engelstaligen opgezet en is de voertaal in het algemeen Engels. Engels is natuurlijk naast het Spaans een wereldtaal en juist daaron uitermate geschikt voor een internationale omgeving als SL. Other than that.. don't forget our fellow Aussies speak English as well.. and I don't mind using the English vocabulary.
  6. Welcome from one of the many Europeans! Please keep in mind that Secondlife is not a game to the majority of us. To a lot of us it is an extension of RL. Please feel free to check out the most wonderful live-music scene. Lots of enthousiastic amateurs and real professional musicians from everywhere around this globe bringing joy to thousands of listeners. Looking forward to your first ideas on secondlife.
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