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  1. @ Hurana Ugajin "Havok is junk. There is not a single game out other than SL that uses it." Surely you're joking. Either that or you must live in some sort of parallel dimension or something. Havok is probably in more 1st and 3rd person games than any other physics engine.. Of the top of my head... Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Bioshock 2 Assassins Creed 2 Halo 3 all have Havok as their physics engine. Back to the viewer wars... I dislike v1.x viewers for their scattergun approach to a UI. It was/still is in serious need of a major tidyup. I really don't blame anyone who wants to move on f
  2. Well, I didn't uninstall it but it's still nowhere near a 'useful' browser for me. Back to Phoenix (and Imprudence) I go. The general experience is a little faster than the v1.x viewers but I still can't cope without being able to view multiple profiles, groups, places, etc. In fact, just about every single change to Profiles in v2.x is a backward step compared to v1.x.
  3. @Ceera.Murakami Your post pretty much sums up most of what I find infuriating with V2 Common tasks took more mouseclicks, or became flat out impossible. Multitasking is almost completely impossible in 2.0, for example. And throwing even more things into that modal sidebar makes no more sense than a Swiss Army Knife with 5,000 blades that is three feet wide, welded to a post. It becomes unusable. is particulaly pertinent. Using V2 is like trying to eat your dinner with your knife and fork welded together. @Alx Harrop Again, everything you say fits in with my thoughts, especially... Anot
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