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  1. I think for the first time, I may actually pass on the new Linden Home theme... as I'm drowning in Linden Homes at the moment that I've dedicated months of GOH's diligence for that simply cannot be topped....BUT...if that pub is coming soon with the new Chalets, you can bet you'll find me there as a transient throwing back a few cold ones haha! Love it!!!
  2. Great topic, as GOH has offered much stimulation for me while we have been awaiting the Stilt release. I am big on water access, not only because I enjoy sailing (or just floating on a tube), but the gorgeous water views usually offers much less lag for me. Though I have some glorious places, I decided to take GOH to another level this past summer/fall during the Stilt wait. This time, the mission was to play GOH until I was able to snag not only a Traditional and Houseboat in the same region, but to find them as adjoining parcels! I aspired to be able to live comfortably in my Traditional, and then be able to walk over to my houseboat and enjoy the pool or get on my boat and head off sailing. This was, for me, the ultimate GOH challenge - being that regions with Traditionals and neighboring Houseboats are somewhat limited, but the odds of being able to snag BOTH adjoining parcels....IMPOSSIBLE! I worked at it religiously for months and was starting to lose hope, but by some combination of perseverance, obsession, and sheer luck...one day I pulled it off! Below is now, hands-down, my favorite place to be in Belli. I will probably continue to play GOH with the new releases (because it's just too fun not to), but I am pretty sure I will never be able to top this one.
  3. It warms my heart to see my garage in use....what a lovely job you've done with it ❤️
  4. Some of us are doing our part to keep SL alive in the wake of COVID-19. I’ve waived rent on my region as an “economic stimulus package” for my tenants. Sales may go down for a while as people’s budgets tighten up, but we love SL and can still enjoy it while spending less. SL is our one safe place during this time, so I have faith it will weather this storm. Not all of us create and sell products for just profit. That’s a bonus, but at least for me, I do it because I enjoy it... I’m not going anywhere and I’m sure many share that sentiment. Hang in there, we are all in this together ❤️
  5. Yeah, I mean it's not ideal...but I'm gonna go ahead and note that, personally, I'd rather see some nicely done mesh that's out of theme than some 1980's worthy prim/sculpty decor (which I see everywhere, names shall not be named lol). But, in the end the moles will decide. I'm curious to see what the result is.
  6. I hope you update us on the result. I'm curious if they restore your land, or if they leave the land with the new person. I would guess that you'd be out of luck even if it was a mistake, because from LL's perspective, they'd rather have one irritated customer than two. But, who knows. Good luck to you, so sorry this happened!
  7. Hey Elora. The Great Room add-on script to change textures requires that you pick ALL textures before it will change. So you have to make sure you're at the top of the menu, select the exterior texture, roof textures, and the floor texture...then select Done. Only after that will the textures change. I should probably update the notecard, a lot of people are getting confused about that. My apologies, hopefully that explains it! If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to hit me up in-world. - Faye
  8. OMGGGG thank you for linking this on MP.... It looks SOOOO good, 1 simple prim transformed my sand to a nice grassy mixture and saved me 9 prims of tall grass which I wasn't super happy with. This is a really excellent find, it blends with the sand so well!! I am forever in your debt haha.
  9. Thank you! Botanical has some great desert plants. I almost bought his cacti, but I found this particular cactus from CVR and it was much cheaper and very low LI so I took a chance and ended up liking them!
  10. My beach house is coming along, still more interior work to do. Decorating with sand can definitely be a challenge! But rather than hide it, I tried to work with it for a dry landscaped climate. I still can't believe someone abandoned this waterfront parcel - what luck! I am so glad LL did all this, I can't even remember what I used to do in SL before Bellisseria. I just loveeeeee it here.
  11. Hmmmm...that mailbox looks vaguely familiar hehe. ❤️
  12. You are a damn genius, pardon my French lol...what a gorgeous add on!! I just checked it out in-world...very nicely done, I am so looking this up on MP.
  13. Still a lot of work to do - but the top deck is coming along! Loving this new continent, how did we live before this!?
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