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  1. I think that the use of redzone( or other products of this nature) on a rental sim is like one of those seedy motels where the owner has spyholes drilled in the walls to peek at their guests while they get undressed.
  2. "When's the Merge going to happen?" This same question I still field 30+ times every time I long on I was under the impression that the merge already happened. Two days ago someone asked in a PG sim why he was being sent to the Main grid when he logged on since he was only 16.. If the merge hasn't happened yet, either there was some type of bug when he logged on or he was making a joke.
  3. "Now we have no money, just limited function tokens. Now we have no ownership, just revokable limited licenses. In short, what was a vibrant and exciting new digital world has been hammered and deformed by LL into what they have always insisted it wasn't -- a game." I agree. It is pointless to bring cold hard cash into a game that becomes worthless tokens that can be deleted without compensation. It is pointless to buy property if you do not own it and pointless to buy objects in Second Life if you again do not own it. I prefer to get value for my money and buy things that last a long time
  4. First of all welcome to Second Life Rod. Ann, wow that was an amazing video. I like how the technology is out there today to just drag and drop 3-D items into the world and cross platform sharing of your inventory. Hopefully Second Life can tear down the walls of segregation join the hypergrid. This would be a badly needed breath of fresh air for Second Life.
  5. I am sure it is frustrating to you just as it is for people who buy things from the marketplace only to have the items deleted later because the items were copybotted without the buyer knowing this. Unless someone makes the item themselves, there is no way to know if the item is copybotted. I do not know what is worse, the creater losing time or the buyer losing real money.
  6. This conversation is still going on? Talk about a lame duck session. The age verification is far from fool proof. Any 10 year child with a prepaid credit card sent to them by Grandma for Christmas next week can become age verified. The last card I used did not even ask for my date of birth.If Linden labs were serious about age verifying, they would have stayed with Aristotle. Yes the sex trade does make the rest of us look dirty. That just goes with the territory. This is just like a person who walks out of a porn shop after stopping in to use the phone. Yes that person might not have had an
  7. Copybotting is not unique to the teen grid. There is a lot of it on the main grid too. The malls and the online market place is full of copybotted items that people buy not knowing that they are copybotted items. I have lost a house, clothing and a few animations from buying what I thought was legit stuff. It could be legit, you never know. There is another problem with people filing fake DMCA notices on their competition's stores because they feel the new comer has caused them to lose sales..Linden Labs then bans the accused persons account and deletes all copies in the system. The accused
  8. The move to Zindra was an EPIC fail as LL has REFUSED to enforce the TOS and keep ADULT things off MATURE and PG land. Its still there. AR's are filed DAILY about people with businesses in the wrong zoned land and LL turns a blind eye, You think they are magically going to change this over night? Then if people are not following the rules, that is their problem and they get what is coming to them. no tears shed here. As for second life being shut down over it. that would be like Comcast or any other service being shut down because someone tried to get funny with a child. It won't happen.
  9. I really do not have an angle. I just do not care either way. I just get tired of the adult content crowd crying foul every time linden labs wants to try something new. Most of Second Life is not a bunch of people who are chronic masterbaters sitting in front of their computers. In fact it seems every time there is bad press about second life it seems to always revolve around the sex sims making the rest of us look bad. As for the people moving to estates. That has been happening for many years now. Long before zindra and the teen merger. People prefer to rent on a themed estate rather t
  10. No there are no PG areas that border an adult sim. these are either on their own estates or in zindra. There are some mature sims that are next to PG sims. The issue about seeing adult content in mature sims from neighboring PG sims is not really an issue. Even before the teen grid merger announcement and the moving of adult content to zindra, people in the mature sims had to hide the adult content from being viewed from the PG sims next to them. Nothing is changing here. You could not have any signs with nuditity or outdoor nudist parks on a parcel that could be viewed from PG parcels. W
  11. Today's TOS update has opened the door to the teens regardless of all of the childish tantrums being thrown by the "adults". I am sure the Lindens reading this blog had some lulz. I can understand why the merge is happening. The map is filled with empty sims that no one is buying and it makes sense to close up the smaller grid and fill up the empty spaces on the larger grid. I do not understand why there is so much panic and hysteria over the teens coming to the main grid. Keep the sex out of the PG sims and in the adult parcels like the TOS requires you to do. Then there is nothing to worr
  12. I have bought things that I paid real money for both on Xstreet and inworld. These things were deleted and none of my money lost given back. My view on shopping in Second Life is that if you did not make it yourself, it might be stolen and deleted. If i find who had it deleted, then i surely will not go running to that persons store to buy the same item AGAIN. Delete the persons inventory who was selling the bad copies, not making everyone else who bought the items in good faith a victim too. A persons safest bet is to keep their money in the bank and out of Second Life. You never know when
  13. Here's a rule of thumb, in Second Life, when you meet new people, act like you would in RL. Don't wander around the mall with a strap on, don't go up to strangers and say "wanna have sex?". Personally, I feel that if you follow basic rules of civility there's nothing to worry about. My thoughts on this exactly. If sex is the big evil keeping the teens from being able to use Second Life, then get rid of the fake sex. If you are adults then use some of your social skills(if you have any) to meet someone and go out on a real date.. This is a no brainer.
  14. Hmm selling fake items for real money that you never own, the builder can follow you around after the sale and limit your use of the item, or the items can be deleted or lost by Linden Labs without compensation for your loss.If you are willing to buy from Second Life, then I have some nice seaside property in Arizona to sell you.
  15. Welcome to the Main Grid teens, not everyone is a hater in SL so ignore the haters on this forum, most of them have nothing else better to do than to hate due to their own unhappy lives. Misery enjoys company as the old saying goes. As Long as I have been in SL profiles have been required to be PG (nothing changing here, follow the TOS). Adult content belongs in adult places like zindra.Stop being stubborn and flag your sims as adult like they should be( many still are not flagged right), Do not go into the PG sims and try to get sex from the teens. If you do not follow the TOS and bring adu
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