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  1. I have seen official dice formats used in exactly one sim. It was old World of Darkness, the dice thing was entirely optional and very few players used it. I made a character sheet myself but never used the dice. Most places I've RPed at have been completely freeform, but it's not uncommon to see sims set in, or inspired by, certain tabletop RPGs' universes. Like WoD for example, and there used to be one for Shadowrun that closed recently, and I'm currently playing in one based on DnD/Forgotten Realms. Seems when dice are used in SL RP, the sim usually has its own, simplified system. So, I don't know. Maybe there are smaller in-world groups of players that play by official rules, but I've never encountered it.
  2. Treyu wrote: Ah, 2 and 3 are why I stopped trying to RP on RPing sims. It seems like everyone's main focus is to overcompensate rather than RP as it is, and the little decent RP I could find wound up being shadowed by the fact that I needed so many different lag-inducing items worn at any given time- all of them cluttering my inventory and being a bother to switch between. Here I thought maybe I was just looking in all the wrong places. Yeah. Next time, try a sim without meters. Something that is text-only and freeform. Or like some places have, an optional dice system that you only wear when you use it, which is usually never. My biggest pet-peeve would probably be when someone drags you into a deep, complex, long-term plot, and then vanish from the face of the earth. Or at least SL. Or they turn out to be really hard to get hold of and unreliable, and leave you hanging in a place or situation where you need their character just to move on. Same thing when being captured by an enemy or something, and then they just go away and leave you sitting in that cage for days.
  3. majestic12 wrote: Hi Nyx! I often see you present in Llorkh, but you are always underground or somewhere unreachable, anyway I will IM you a hello when I see in Llorkh again. Oh, sure thing ^^ And yeah, probably the forest, sometimes hiding in the guild house. My character needs to get out more
  4. majestic12 wrote: My goodness, so much saying and stuff about 4 specified sims and not about any others that may exist. Then please contribute by suggesting some. That was kinda the point of the OP, that there aren't any good places, currently. And if a sim is open to the public, and the owner even comes in to promote it here, they should probably be prepared for some criticism.
  5. That is such an extremely general, unspecified question that is difficult to give a good, detailed answer to. Why does anyone do anything ever? Usually either because they want to, or because they have to. In roleplay it may be because, as is probably the most obvious answer, it may give them some form of sexual gratification to play a slave. I've done that. Or because it provides some other form of fun for them. I've done that too. Or it can be because the RP simply leads to that scenario, and there's no reasonable way to avoid it happening. And I've done that too. As it is the roleplay forum, I'm going to assume the OP is talking about RP slavery, and not OOC D/s relationships between non-RPing SL residents or people in RL. So when it's done willingly, why do people enjoy it? I don't know, why do some people become doctors, why are some people turned on by shoes? You'll probably get a different answer from each person doing it, and I'm sure long essays could be written on theories about the subject. I could probably list 101 different things why I enjoy that sort of RP myself, but in the end it usually comes down to 1: It leads to a type of IC conflict I enjoy in a story. And 2: Most forms of forced sex or violence, in RP, turns me on like whoa. Either way, it's fun, and that's why I keep doing it. As to how it happens... I stay around in roleplay sims where slavery RP is allowed, play the right sort of character and try to get to know people, either IC or OOC, often both, who are or could be interested in playing an owner. Then we just play, and see where things go. Obviously this is not the only type of RP I do, it's not even the biggest part of it. But it is one I tend to have a lot of fun with.
  6. Yeah, I've noticed a lack of this. It sucks. And I think you can't just rate an item without writing a review about it. That sucks too.
  7. Yeah, I'll have to agree with Damienn here. Post-apoc without any of the fun stuff. I think I'll pass too.
  8. greypaladin wrote: Llorkh can be fun when people/characters are moreso into their characters and not into themselves too much. If people are having a bad day in RL, do not bring it into the RP sims of SL. Turns people off. Have you had problems with that in Llorkh in particular? You're right, of course. That sort of behavior is always something to avoid. Though, it can be hard sometimes to tell when that's the case, or when someone is just acting IC of a character who is a jerk...
  9. One thing I've seen more sims doing lately is put different areas at different levels. To have, say, the main town on the ground, then make a forest area at 1000+ m in the sky. Not sure if there are any downsides to it, besides the obvious prim limit, but it gives a bit more space to play with. Would have been awesome if it was possible to buy 'bigger' sims too, with the same amount of prims, only covering a larger area.
  10. Depends what fun means to you really... Personally I enjoy Llorkh. DnD-based, dark medieval fantasy, using a simple stats system, optional dice combat, and good emoting is required. There's also Mystara, medieval fantasy. I haven't been there lately so not sure how it is these days, but last I checked it still seemed very light-hearted, very freeform, and generally open and friendly to newcomers and beginners.
  11. AideenMoyra wrote: I know of a pretty good Fantasy SIM, but it is in it's infancy right now. The actual building of the sim is about 90% done but, in my humble opinion, it's looking fantastic so far. I know you were looking for Medieval, but the group is actually based in 1879-ish New Orleans, LA and the role play is being handled in a D&D style. They are waiting for their custom-created combat system to be finished before going fully online, but any interested players are welcomed to stop by and look around. There are definate adult-themed situations, so the land is set to age verified players only. Please keep that in mind if you come to visit us. I am intrigued. What may this place be called? And, yes, good sims are hard to find. For paragraph-RP, you may have more luck looking at sims without meter-type combat. A lot of people obviously enjoy Mystara for medieval fantasy. Personally I prefer Llorkh, which is darker and has a more even quality of players. They have a simple stats system which players can, if they want to, use for dice combat. Most people seem to prefer freeform though.
  12. Penny Patton wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: As for furries, I have never encountered this whole invasion thing in any of the sims I've RPed reguarly at, so I don't really see the problem. The only place I've seen furries being around against the rules, have been Doomed, where no one seems to enforce any rules at all. You kinda contradicted yourself there, saying this is something you've "never seen" and then following up with an example of where you've seen it. I said, "where I've RPed regularly". That is, the many sims where I've spent more than a week playing at. Doomed sucks for many reasons. And hey sure, some limits can be good for inspiring RP, but there still needs to be enough freedom within those for anything fun to happen. And if those limits are such that they force everyone to play things I'm completely uninterested in, I am going to find it boring. My point is really that there seem to lots and lots of places for people who enjoy human-only or 'realistic' RP, while it feels near impossible to find sims that allow more freedom. So it's hard to see the problem, clearly the OP just needs to look around more.
  13. As I said; whatever makes you happy. Personally I find it boring and limited as heck, but I have never not respected anyone's preferences. As for furries, I have never encountered this whole invasion thing in any of the sims I've RPed reguarly at, so I don't really see the problem. The only place I've seen furries being around against the rules, have been Doomed, where no one seems to enforce any rules at all.
  14. Penny Patton wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: I don't see the point of RPing something you can just as well do in RL, and indeed, I'd much rather see sims that keep the humans out. But hey, whatever makes you happy. How many space pirates, zombie lords, androids, vampires, werewolves, gods and mecha pilots do you know irl? That was my point? Unless you were just implying that the OP didn't ask for human-only specifically, in which case you are absolutely right. I was a bit too quick maybe, and assumed they meant realism in general. If that means every other possible race is okay, as long as it's not bipedal animals, finding a suitable sim shouldn't take long. Some more I can think of would be Mystara, Llorkh, probably most Gor-sims. I'd say Midian, but I think it's actually dead for real this time.
  15. I just say ((brb)), go and do the things I have to, then return and pick it up from there. If I can do something in 2-3 minutes, I may just leave between posts without saying anything, but I wouldn't leave anyone waiting for more than, say, 5 minutes without a word. Of course it's also good when you can plan ahead and know that you'll have some free time for the next 2 hours, but RL can be unpredictable. I don't find multi-tasking while RP sexing weird at all, personally. I do it all the time. Googling about puppies while discussing zombies in IMs and having a totally hot scene in RP... SL is awesome like that Doesn't mean I'm 'faking' or not enjoying it either, more like pressing the 'pause' button on my mood until it's my turn to post.
  16. There are countless sims out there that are human-only. I don't see the point of RPing something you can just as well do in RL, and indeed, I'd much rather see sims that keep the humans out. But hey, whatever makes you happy. Off the top of my head I can think of Crack Den, Perdition, Insilico, Thinis. Good luck in finding your sim, shouldn't be hard if you just look around some.
  17. Seriously? I'm often glad if I can find just one creator selling what I need of preferrably decent quality. There are things I've searched for practically since I joined SL and still never seen anywhere. No matter, I stand by what I said. It absolutely sucks of creators to make no-mod of things that can or should be editted or customized.
  18. The problem with 'letting the customer decide', is that SL doesn't have enough competition between a variety of different creators. If you need one particular thing, it's not unlikely at all that you can only find one thing like that in all of SL. That doesn't leave the consumers with much power... Not saying there is much else you can do about it, other than trying to choose when you can, and to remind creators that no one else likes it. Like, if they care about the people who buy their clothes, they should listen to them and whatever suggestions and criticism they may offer. Not everyone may even realize just how much no-mod permissions suck, so we might as well keep repeating this again and again, and hope some people out there will listen.
  19. Yeah, I noticed that when I checked out Insilico. Almost every avatar on sim was a bot. And again, the lack of playable races. This is naturally a major YMMV thing, but if I wanted to be human, I'd stay in RL. And yes, it will be interesting to see how mesh is gonna change Second Life, and hopefully bring new inspiration to people.
  20. Yeah, I can't even state how much I absolutely hate no mod clothes. Because NO, resize scripts are not enough. Sometimes when you have to move just one or a couple of prims to keep stuff from going through your avatar's body. Or for clothing layers, being able to cut off the sleeves of a shirt or get pants to fit into your boots, or just tint something a slightly darker shade... God, I wish creators would get this. I definitely prefer copy over trans, but I can totally see why trans is useful at times. Always great when both options are offered.
  21. Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything Damienn is saying. As for sex in RP sims, it would be hard to avoid when making a dark, modern-ish sim. They will always attract rapists and victims, prostitutes and pimps. And, while I don't think a sim's whole theme should be centered around sex, it would seem a bit silly to ban those activities completely. As for Thinis, and also Insilico, my main problem is the lack of available races to RP as. I'm hardly the only one who finds it kinda boring to only have humans around, there should be some other options at least. Shadowrun was a bit limited in that regard too, because like humans, elves and orcs and so on have been done so much already. I would love to see some new ideas there. And yeah, bringing in money is always a problem, but making a successful sim that more or less pays for itself has been done before. I'm sure someone creative could do it again.
  22. Oh God yes, I agree so much. There's nothing I want more in SL right now than a new dark, urban, cyberpunk-y RP sim. Without meters or any of that pointless stuff. With Shadowrun closing and Midian dead, it's getting desperate. I can RP fantasy too, but I miss my cybernetics and genetical enhancements... I think the RPers are still very much alive, but no one has any proper sim to go to these days.
  23. I had the same problem when I designed a cyborg character. I was surprised there weren't more cybernetics in SL, and especially robo-neko parts. Have you tried Rubliks? They have some cybernetic digi-legs that I like a lot personally. I also found a pair of their headphones that worked alright as neko ears. For a tail, I used this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NekoLogic-Cyber-Tail-Ears/1756722 If you don't hate those ears, maybe they could work for you as well.
  24. Doomed Ship, Lismore Lands, and Necronom. At least the first two are decent, I think. Haven't been to Necronom. I am extremely picky with what sort of RP I enjoy though personally, so someone else may have an easier time finding a furry-friendly sim they like. But yes, finding good RP for furries is difficult... It's sad. But I think part of the reason is most people, especially in RP, want some sort of realism, and the only anthro-animals in SL tend to look very anime and cartoony.
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