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  1. Rin Tae wrote: Will it use a meter again? *hopes the answer is 'no' because the Nomos sim looked great and will now look even better if updated and SL lacks sci-fi and cyberpunk RP sims too. And it would be a great place to play in. ^ This
  2. Something I've been looking for since the day I started RPing in SL, and still haven't found, is a proper werecat avatar. Like all those werewolf avatars you see out there, but feline. All fierce and dangerous-looking. Particularly some big cat species like leopard or snow leopard... No idea how complicated it would be to make one, maybe too much so. Still figured I'd put it out there. ;P I really should try to learn some mesh-making someday, it seems like so much fun...
  3. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Foxie Summers wrote: I have considered banning but they are new to SL and to my region and call me stupid, but I'd prefer to try and find a peaceful resolution. There's no real reason to mute them because they don't actually talk back to me when I say hello to them. Thanks for the suggestion about the tool, I'll will check that. Banning them is the peaceful resolution... why put yourself through more drama then you need to? ...Dres No kidding. Banning and ignoring is hardly like punching them in the face.
  4. If you have land rights, kick and ban?
  5. Fallen, City of Charm perhaps? It's modern, slightly post-apocalyptic, and focuses a lot on the battle, and politics, between supernatural races. Such as angels and demons. No meters, everything is roleplayed out.
  6. For post-apoc without meters, try Midian and Fallen City of Charm. Midian does have a sexual theme, but it's far from the only thing the RP revolves around, and you wouldn't be the only person to RP there for the stories and not the sex. The RP quality is generally pretty high, and in my experience it's easier to get involved with the stories and factions in Midian than many other sims. Fallen, City of Charm is also post-apoc, but without the cyberpunk and with more magic stuff. It's less sexual than Midian, and more about politics between supernatural groups. Good RPers, and the owner is very friendly. Can't help you with family RPs or sims with combat systems, but good luck.
  7. I've never seen any schools, specifically, but there should be lots of roleplay classes around, just search for them inworld. Can also just pick up some notecards on RP etiquette, go to some busy sim and observe people for a while. Then, jump in. If you do something wrong, people may correct you, but there are tons of different ways of emoting and RPing out there, so don't worry about it.
  8. Nyx Karas


    Jerks trying to bully you into giving them their money. I would tell them to go perform an anatomically impossible action, but not in those words.
  9. I got in after entering another sim name to log into. So some places seem to be working.
  10. No problem and good luck. Wish I had more to suggest, but it's ridiculously hard to find roleplay sims where werecats are welcome. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  11. Maybe try Valahari? I noticed they allow werecats these days, it's medieval fantasy. I'd join as a werekitty myself if I could afford updating my human avatar...
  12. Ah I see, that's interesting. Could have some potential there. Indeed, hope it goes well for you all.
  13. Well, I sympathize with your experiences with GMs, although I've had the pleasure of meeting several good ones too. Still think it seems a bit overly optimistic go without them completely. But hey, good luck anyway, always good to try new methods. May check it out sometime. How do you mean 'forced' though? Having different races, or 'classes', to choose from in character creation is something I'd consider a greater freedom offered, rather than something I'm forced to do.
  14. So, you don't have any rules then? Or if you do, how are you going to enforce them? Not sure what you mean by classes, but as for races, well, your website mentions humans and androids, and those are generally considered 'races'. Would be easier to say that you're human-only, but if you have androids, you're not. I'm just confused.
  15. Nah, you really should've just told someone with land rights who could've kicked and banned him. It's all you can do really. Not that it matters now, but it can be a good thing to keep in mind. People who act like are best treated as griefers and trolls. And, no, sorry, the second part was not directed at you but at the OP. But it's been moved now, so all is well.
  16. JeanneAnne wrote: Jenni Darkwatch wrote: My favorite hangout is Velvet Thorn (femdom oriented), as it's a very relaxed and casual community. I used to go to Velvet Thorn until this one time. There was a guy there with an ax. One of the rules is "no weapons" and another is that guys are supposed to be polite to women. I asked him what he was doing with a weapon. He said that he was a woodcutter and that the ax wasn't a weapon, it was a tool. I told him that that was no woodcutter's ax, it was a war ax & that he should get rid of it. He refused in a curt & dismissive manner, and at least one of the women said that he didn't have to get rid of that ax if he didn't want to. I've never been back. Jeanne Why didn't you tell an admin/GM/owner to kick the guy out instead of pointlessly arguing with him? And yeah, the topic seems more suitable for the adult forums. They are at the very bottom of the forum index page.
  17. Yes, I feel your pain. Have you tried Fallen, the City of Charm? It's an original setting, modern post-apoc, with demons and angels in war with each other in a world where god is missing and heaven and hell are inaccessable. Also vampires and werewolves, plus mages and some people who turn into mist. The downside is that they don't approve new applications right now, but they will start again the 25th. There's also Midian, it's not based on any particular book or show, though it borrows a lot of tropes from various things. It's dark urban, kinda cyberpunk-ish. With genetically engineered human/animal hybrids and mechas, and some supernaturals with a strictly enforced masquerade.
  18. Penny Patton wrote: Midian City has a neko gang. It's kinda Bladerunner-esque. There's Necronom VI, anyone is welcome there but it's an adult RP sim. Made by a professional game designer, tho! Doomed Ship is another good one. Really creepy atmosphere tho, very horror/sci-fi. Insilico is a big one, also kinda Bladerunner-esque, but more Ghost in the Shell-esque, really. Luckily you don't even have to be part of the neko gang in Midian to play a neko there. And the traffic has apparently been picking up again lately. As for Insilico, do they allow nekos? Aren't they more about humans and cyborgs? Well, Neo Tokyo is indeed another decent sim for nekos. It's hard to find good places to play a hybrid currently, it seems.
  19. Innula Zenovka wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: When ever it comes to the point were people speak about their viewers in local chat, the group using third-party viewers tend to look down at those using V3. Depends who the people are, I guess, but the only people I run into who ever seem particularly bothered about which viewer others are using are die-hard Phoenix users (and, to a lesser extent, Firestorm users). I've only seen this attitude from V2/3 users, personally. The whole 'Phoenix users are stupid people who can't adapt to change'-thing. It doesn't particularly make me feel more positive about the official viewers. I will stick to Phoenix as long as I possibly can. It's partly the UI, as the V2 was absolutely horrible, and the Firestorm UI being quite horrible too. Haven't tried V3 yet, so can't say. But also, because Phoenix has features that I really want to keep. The radar I can't live without, and being able to move around, TP home, set draw distance with key shortcuts is incredibly useful, and temporary texture uploads save me a lot of headaches too
  20. Yeah, personally I would love to see more cyberpunk. Cyberpunk with a touch of magic, like Shadowrun but with more playable races.
  21. Then there are RP sims where the no-fly setting is for newbies/unapproved characters and characters that can't fly, and those who can fly are encouraged, or even expected, to bypass it. I just hit ctrl alt V, as I always have. Didn't know the official viewers had removed that, yet another reason to stay away from those.
  22. Rin Tae wrote: Interesting that you would get complains about it. I don't remember when I have last seen a non-mesh viewer. Phoenix has disappeared from the sims I tend to visit and when I see someone with a phoenix-tag I consider it the same as I would when seeing a more exotic viewer. Also Imprudence and Cool Viewer vanished and so far it seems to be that most people who use TPVs have opted for Firestorm. Me too (since it was out as the first beta version) as it is a nice and well working viewer. I would only change to non mesh outfits (I just got a great mesh dress that fits me perfectly ) if mesh viewers would be in a minority. But as far as I can tell, the other is true and non-mesh viewers geting more rare every day. At least in the communities I tend ot be active in and maybe there are others where this has not yet spread into. Phoenix has mesh too now btw. It's still the viewer I see used the most by people I hang out with, so, that mesh update was probably a good thing. I absolutely cannot stand Firestorm or the official viewers, so I know I'll be sticking with Phoenix until it either dies in one way or another, or a better option appears. Complaining about what other people are wearing is just silly either way, shouldn't be any of their business unless it's something that really ruin things for them. But it's likely a temporary problem. Eventually, the vast majority will be on mesh viewers.
  23. Ah, an old thread. But I haven't replied to it before, so let's do that! I like text-based paragraph RP without meters, with long-term plots, with as few rules as possible. Settings vary, but dark urban has been a favorite of mine since Midian. Realism should be limited, internal consistency and having fun is more important. I want action and violence, sex, preferably some non-con every once in a while. I am the happiest when I can play a feline character. And I generally avoid the most common standard races. (Like human, elf, vampire, werewolf, fae.) Playing some kind of outcast or generally (ICly) feared or disliked race tends to be fun too. Leads to conflict, and conflict is important to keep the story going. Sometimes, I feel like I've RPed for too long, and come to know what I enjoy a little too well.
  24. Well, you said you would like fantasy, right? Have you been to Mystara? I've played there from time to time myself, and it's two of the most active RP sims I've seen in SL. Doesn't particularly focus on combat, and there are two equally active OOC goups where you could probably ask for people to help you get into the RP. Mystara has never really worked for me, personally, but it could be worth checking out for you.
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