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  1. If you're just friends and not even dating, I don't understand why he thinks it's any of his business at all, lol. Sure you can compromise sometimes in relationships, if something is more important to your partner than it is to yourself, but in this case I'd tell him to go f*** himself.
  2. Yeah, I definitely have to agree with a lot of this. Lots of places to explore, little hideouts, caves and abandoned buildings and such. I also like being able to climb most of the buildings, so having stairs, ladders, little awnings and stuff is a plus. And making sure the build gives the right atmosphere is extremely important. For the actual RP, I definitely don't want any meters, and if they exist, they should be completely optional. Length of posts isn't terribly important, as long as some thought and effort is put into it and everyone knows to stay in character. I wanna be able to play a character I have fun with and feel comfortable RPing as, so that means no human-only sims. I've been dying to play a proper wereleopard lately, now that I've finally been able to put a good avatar together for it... But most of it depends on the other players really. It's nice with sims where people are quick to approach newcomers, and each other, be willing to start up random RPs or just stay and have an IC chat for a moment. Having conflict between characters and groups is very important too, to keep a good story going. There needs to be people who are not afraid to play villains, and other people who are not afraid to play with the villains.
  3. Freelance escort? Maybe dancer at some club with a 'come and go as you please' policy where you work for tips? Pretty sure I've seen ads for places like that. Or try thinking of something else you find interesting that you could try, besides building. Like textures, animations, scripting, photography.
  4. Nyx Karas

    Login failed?

    I can't log in, and I keep getting the error message "login failed", which is not very helpful. It only happens on one account. I can log in on other accounts, on the same region, and I have checked the password several times. I can log in to the SL website with no problem. I have tried to change the login location too, but it doesn't make any difference, and the same regions work for other avatars. I can't log in to the account from other computers either, and I have not recieved any emails about being banned, not in my inbox and not in my spam box. I have never been a premium member so it shouldn't be a payment problem. I have tried restarting the computer and nothing changed. And the contact support thing doesn't offer any options where I can pick 'login problems in viewer', just login problems to website. I have NO clue on what else I should try. Edit: Okay thank you, that must have been the issue because it's working again now. Seemed very odd when it only affected one account, but it doesn't matter now.
  5. Free form, no meters, paragraph posts, long or short doesn't matter, as long as some effort is put into it. I like dark settings, usually post-apoc, but dark medieval-ish fantasy is fun too on the rare occasions that I find RP sims for that. I like the idea of having to struggle a bit for survival, and I love conflict. Without conflicts, there can't be good stories. Can't stand too much peace and happiness, and I don't like too much realism or too many mundane things. I want to do stuff I could never do in reality, and I like putting my characters in dangerous, difficult situations, to explore the feelings it brings, to think of how one would deal with such things if they happened. I never play completely human characters. Usually some type of animal-like characters, like were-animals or human/animal hybrids. Most often felines. Or tieflings, characters that are part demon. It gives me more freedom to express feelings, actions, and behavior that would be considered 'weird' or unacceptable for human beings. Also gives me opportunities to put together awesome avatars. And I enjoy playing sort of underdog characters and races, that are looked down on by the rest of the fictional society, often by humans. It provides a good starting point for conflicts and leaves a lot of room for character development.
  6. Pleasant City is human only, and the OP was asking for a sim that allows furries. You could try Heretic Pass. I haven't been there in a long time, but assuming not too much has changed, it's a post apocalyptic RP sim that allows just about anything. I saw several furries, and all sorts of other creatures, when I RPed there.
  7. Yes, it can be. A modern setting, with sky scrapers, cars and whatnot, and also elves, orcs, dragons, magic. Shadowrun is a very good example of that, unfortunately I don't think there's any sim for Shadowrun RP in SL at the moment. For the OP; it would help if you specified more exactly what you're looking for. What type of fantasy you're looking for, if you want or do not want a sim that uses meters. If you're looking for paragraph-RP or something simpler. If by modern you mean current day modern, or dark, dystopian, sci-fi. Post-apocalyptic maybe. But either way, here are a few suggestion I could think of. Fallen, City of Charm. (Magic. Angels, demons, vampires and other supernaturals) Ascension City. (Magic. Demons, vampires, mutants, and other supernaturals) Heretic Pass. (Uses meters. Pretty much anything goes.) I'd love to hear of other places myself though, and it would be fun to see a modern sim with more classic fantasy elements and races.
  8. And there are so many things that people do in real life that are simply not needed in SL. Still, you can always try to think of something new, there are plenty of creative things you can do to earn some extra lindens. Maybe you know how to do something in RL that you can find a way to adapt to SL.
  9. It's over a year old, actually... Still, never know, but it's probably a better idea to IM the OP inworld.
  10. I've been thinking of trying some kind of SL job like this myself. I haven't done it before either, but I have a lot of experience with roleplaying, so I figured it shouldn't be too difficult... Wondering though, any suggestions on the best ways to promote yourself if you start as a freelance escort? And does anyone know about how much escorts usually charge these days? And hmm, as for dancing, most places I've seen take about 20% of the tips, so might be hard to find a good club that takes less. Could still be fun to try though.
  11. Me and two friends were just discussing this today, and one thing we all wanted to see were more, and higher quality of desert-type clothing, especially outfits suited for bandits and such, clothes that would fit into Wasteland-kinda sims and RPs. Outfits kinda like, http://www.freewebs.com/stolen_random_character_second/desert_bandit.jpg or, http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110115204511/princeofpersia/en/images/3/33/Prince_of_Persia_prodigy.jpg More high-quality fantasy clothes in general, and for females specifically clothes that are not either super-skimpy silks or full, fancy, expensive-looking gowns and dresses. Also, more animal avatars. Feral ones of more different species, and good anthros that look more lycanthropic or monster-ish than cartoony. I guess that's a different topic, but still throwing it out there.
  12. It also matters in discussions, where if you claim something harmless leads to a bad thing and should therefor be made illegal, there should be some proof to back it up. Because forcing new laws on everyone kinda sucks. That's what I was getting at. If there is no connection however, that can't exactly be proved. I'm not claiming to know whether actual child rapists are likely to be roleplaying in SL or not either. I just think that, if there are no particular signs that they do, it's silly to ban it. But that again goes back to the whole thing about it being illegal in some RL countries already, how LL wouldn't want people to break the law in SL and get bad press, and that they can do whatever they want for any reason.
  13. The burden of proof generally lies on the one who accuses another of committing, or planning to commit, a crime. If you claim a certain activity leads people to rape children, the burden lies on you to prove that it's true, before we go and ban that activity. That being said, the discussion -is- kinda pointless, as depictions of fictional, non-existant children in sexual situations already is illegal in some countries. And even if it wasn't, LL would still have every right to ban whatever they want. Of course, we don't have to agree with it, and so we can continue to argue about it forever anyway, I guess.
  14. Solar Legion wrote: This is not only very well said Perrie but it is a far more polite way to say what I have been saying for years in regard to the divide between the world of RP and Reality. The long and short answer is - of course - No one has the right to dictate acceptable RP scenarios to anyone they are not directly engaged in 'playing' with. I lost track of the number of times (in SL and prior to it, in public chat rooms made for RP) I ran across a scenario being played out that pushed my squick buttons. In the case of the old chats, I just used the Ignore features and contiued to play. Never bothered to give them any further thought no matter what had been going on (and yes, that includes scenarios which would net a visit from law enforcement these days). When it comes to SL, at the time I was running into these scenarios (back when I actually bothered to explore the grid) I either pretended they were not there .... or I teleported out. Honestly, I firmly believe that there should be no restrictions on allowed RP anywhere. My reasoning is simple enough: Anyone who would take the step beyond questionable RP and actually engage in some of those acts in real life .... They'll do so anyway. This whole reasoning concerning RP being a gateway for it to happen ... it's nothing but bunk. If anything, RP for most people - even the most questionable scenarios - is a means to prevent or to remove/reduce any desire to commit such acts in real life. There's plenty that I find detestable .... But I'm not going to tell anyone what they can and cannot portray in play. ^ This. And, the whole 'if they try it in RP they'll wanna do it in RL' thing.... You can always reason the same way about all the other immoral things people do in RP. Cheat, steal, backstab, abuse, shoot, murder, rape. If everyone involved is a consenting adult, and no one gets hurt unless they want to be hurt, then I say live and let live is a good philosophy.
  15. Pamela Galli wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: And either way, no one is making you do anything. You're free to ignore people. Not exactly. I hear the IM bell ring, I must stop what I am doing in the store or in Blender, and check my IMs for the new message (which is often "hi" or "r u there?" which means I must inquire further to elicit the question). So even if I do choose to ignore the question, it interrupts my work. Probably some merchants are not so busy that such interruptions have become a real annoyance, but I would advise everyone to err on the side of good manners and not interrupt people in order to beg. If they are selling something you want, either buy it or do without. Well, as I said, it's hardly begging to ask someone what skin, shape and whatever they used for a certain avatar. And I'm amazed you had the time to make several posts here, while also not in any way helping the OP. Now I shall try this 'ignoring' thing on you, and look! It's already working.
  16. I don't think asking a creator what parts they used for a certain avatar model is unreasonable, which is pretty much what a style card is. It would hardly be the same as asking to be given the whole outfit for free. And either way, no one is making you do anything. You're free to ignore people.
  17. Pamela Galli wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: Well in that case I'd just message the seller and ask if they could give you the style card anyway. Curious why someone would go to the trouble of making a style card and putting it up for sale then give it to some stranger for free? Don't ask me, I'm not doing it. But occasionally people are nice for no reason.
  18. Well in that case I'd just message the seller and ask if they could give you the style card anyway.
  19. Apparently a style card is already included with the outfit, so, buy it?
  20. My favorites are Ploom, Plastik, and RedMint. Not overly detailed and not completely photorealistic, which I can't stand. I like skins that don't show every pore and random birthmark. And skins that don't look like they're porn stars covered in oil in front of a spotlight :smileytongue:
  21. Make outfit folders. One with the prim avatar, and one with nothing but alpha layers. Then just go 'replace outfit' when you want to change. I can't think of any reason one would need a more complicated method, but maybe you've tried this and it doesn't work for you?
  22. Hentai High? It's adult, as the name suggests. As long as you don't mind most characters being supernatural, sci fi or fantasy-based.
  23. Midian City, Heretic Pass, and Fallen, City of Charm. Off the top of my head.
  24. You could try Heretic Pass. They seem to allow everything except godlike characters. It's dark urban, post-apocalyptic, adult. They have a meter, but using it for fighting is optional. I've seen at least one furry RPing there, so I don't think you'd have any problems.
  25. You can set the viewer to show the RGB values of whatever your cursor is hovering over. It's extremely helpful. In Phoenix it's Advanced > UI > Show Color Under Cursor. ETA: Of course the color will still look different depending on lighting, but at least then you -know- you got it right, so you can tell other people to shut up ;P
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