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  1. I like the one from Medhue, personally. I definitely wouldn't buy any AO without first trying the animations myself inworld.
  2. You're welcome! Dare is one of my favorite hairs.
  3. Hmm, nope. Not familiar with it.
  4. Pie Serendipity wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: I'm totally up for selling my soul too. I would be. But apparently I do not possess one. I have been told many times. I get that too, but I think it's all lies. I'm perfectly pure and innocent. Nevermind the churches that burst into flames when I go near them.
  5. I'm totally up for selling my soul too. No idea what they go for though, lol. And if it requires something of me beyond accepting the bite, you'd have to explain to me how the rest works. But I'm sure it's all doable.
  6. Yup, it's Magika's Dare. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Magika-DEMO-Dare/3313824
  7. Maybe Ascension City? They should allow nekos, as a form of mutants. I don't think they have all that much sci-fi though. It's surprisingly difficult to find RP sims for nekos these days, unfortunately. I've been wanting some too. Realm of Terra is urban, with different races, but they don't allow nekos. You can play fae with animal features though, as long as it doesn't look too much like the typical nekos.
  8. Yeah, you're definitely not alone, if that makes you feel any better. And sorry to hear you've encountered rude people when you have tried to RP. Some people just suck, others may come off as rude unintentionally for different reasons. It can definitely help to start RPing with a friend until you feel more comfortable. It's also always a good idea to come in prepared. To have read all rules carefully, know the setting well, know your character and their motivations and such. And most RP sims have OOC chats where you can go in and introduce yourself and maybe ask for someone to help you out a bit in the beginning. Just don't give up! It gets easier. And don't let jerks discourage you, there are a lot of fun RPers out there just waiting to get to know you.
  9. Although you could make an alpha that hides everything except the area the system clothing is covering.
  10. Midian City has animal hybrids, mostly nekos but also other species. Ascension City has mutants, and last I was there, many of those mutants were animal hybrids. Both are dark, modern, kinda post-apocalyptic. Midian is a bit more sci-fi ish, Ascension has more magic and stuff. I think Apollyon Realm has hybrids too, but it's more medieval fantasy. I'm a big fan of playing animal hybrids too, so I'd love to read other people's suggestions as well.
  11. Kelli May wrote: Nyx Karas wrote: I can barely get through an episode of (the sci-fi show with the Doctor which must not be named on this forum apparently) without crying. And the movie Grave of the Fireflies had me depressed for a week after. Not usually so much with other shows and movies though. Grave of the Fireflies is seriously tough watching. I wasn't so much weepy as hollowed out. Some films I find the crying cathartic, that one is harrowing. Yeah, I remember just sitting there in stunned silence afterwards. It's a great movie, but completely horrifying.
  12. Prestgrave Shire has a sorta angels vs. demons theme, in a medieval-ish setting. It seemed pretty nice when I visited sometime ago.
  13. I can barely get through an episode of (the sci-fi show with the Doctor which must not be named on this forum apparently) without crying. And the movie Grave of the Fireflies had me depressed for a week after. Not usually so much with other shows and movies though.
  14. lol, yes. Or suffering from the t-rex arm syndrome. Human is very relative in SL...
  15. I was eyeing this ad, looking for a potential place to work for my other account, but I feel the same way... What is 'human' exactly? If it's a club that's trying to stick closely to a certain theme, it makes sense, but otherwise it seems like an unnecessary limitation... Course it's easy to just switch over to a human avatar, but it's just more fun to perform as an exotic creature. And in my experience a lot of visitors enjoy that as well. Variety is fun.
  16. I love playing pets. Some kind of magical or monstrous creature, sapient or semi-sapient, even better if it's a shapeshifter of some form, being a pet to an active player in an established RP sim, and maybe bound to them by magic or something else, something that keeps them from leaving or turning against the Master. But it's extremely difficult to find suitable players and sims for that... Completely normal, realistic animal though? I can't imagine that being interesting for very long...
  17. Yes, some sims are more rules-heavy than others. It's all about finding a place with rules you can agree with, though no sim is perfect and you'll usually have to compromise a bit anyway, but that's true for most interaction with people in general. I want a fair bit of freedom myself, and I have a couple of 'deal-breakers', where if a sim has or doesn't have a few, certain things/rules, I know I won't be interested in playing there. But there's quite a lot to choose from, and new RP sims pop up all the time. So, you just gotta keep looking. ^^
  18. Well, I figured leopard might be close enough. Sometimes you gotta make do with what you have... SL unfortunately lacks a lot of specific things that I would've loved to have. Mind if I ask what mesh avatars you have seen btw? Do you have a store or creator name? And you could mod the cougar avatar if you want spots. Find some grayscale leopard spots texture, apply it to the avatar's bodyparts and tint them to the right shade of black. I've done that myself to make it into a snow leopard, and jaguar would probably work even better looks-wise. The spots won't be perfect, you'd have to photoshop your own texture to get the correct face markings and such, but it should look pretty decent even without that, and on a black panther it won't be as noticable anyway.
  19. Have you looked at the quad avatars that are already out there? Like Lost Ferals, The Werehouse, or a modded TWI cougar?
  20. I'd want avatars for various were-animals that aren't wolves. Werefoxes, wereleopards, other werefelines, werehyenas, and all sorts of other species. Basically anthropomorphic animals that are more realistic and more 'monster'-like than the average furry. Also, actual feral, quadrupedal animal avatars of different species and looks and sizes. They'd all be huge, difficult projects to make, most likely, but yeah. Very hard to find good ones.
  21. Yeah, I got the feeling 'looking for a home' in this case meant 'find a sim to be my main RP place'. Even if it had been strictly about rentals... I could see it both ways. On one hand, it makes sense if the sim owners want actual players to rent the spots and get first dibs on them. On the other hand, as long as no one disrupts the RP, who cares who's paying for it. Money is money. But it's all a YMMV thing. When I was more new-ish at RP I found them kinda fun to fill out. Now I'm just too jaded and pessimistic, lol. I'm sure you can still find sims that don't require them. Midian City doesn't, neither does Mystara I don't think. And sure you can always discuss it with the owner, but it feels like that would require more effort than just filling out the application in the first place... Though I guess a quick, 'hey is it okay if I try RPing a little bit here before I fill out the notecard?' couldn't hurt.
  22. I'm not a fan of filling out applications for RP sims either, but I can see why some places want it. Helps them keep track of what sort of players and characters they have, characters' powers and weaknesses, and sometimes keeping a balance between different races. Still, I hesitate longer to join an RP sim that requires it, than one where I can just jump in. I like being able to try a place out a bit before committing myself to it, and considering how very quickly many new sims pop up and then die, putting a lot of effort into writing down extensive bios for new characters every few weeks gets old really fast. So the sim will have to look really promising to me and have a lot going for it if I have to deal with filling out applications first.
  23. 1. I have lots of characters, but all are female. 2. No. There are sexist individuals, in SL just like everywhere else, but I don't feel the community as a whole is sexist. 3. Not in the slightest. I have never felt the need to play a male character, because I feel there's nothing I can't do as a female. 4. I think SL is way less sexist than the real world. In SL, no one can your force you to anything, there are no physical limitations, and there don't seem to be any real sex/gender imbalances when it comes to positions of power, earning money, careers and such. All those things are problems in RL, but in my experience they don't apply to SL much. I don't care if some individuals are jerks, as long as they can't hurt me or stop me from doing what I want.
  24. Tamara Artis wrote: They cause less lag (I tried it on my old laptop, if i had 5 people around me with mesh items everyything is fine, if i had 5 people with normal clothes and prims it would be like a slowmotion) It's been the opposite for me. When I use SL on a (new and quite fast) laptop, turning mesh on makes it start lagging immediately. If more than one or two people wear it nearby, I can barely move or type. It sucks. Another problem I have is with the alpha layers. For one thing, they tend to glitch, so I still see parts of skin or clothing layers cutting through the mesh, often flickering in a very annoying way. I'm also usually on a viewer where you can't add several layers of clothing and alphas, and I tend to already use the alpha layer for something else, like prim bodyparts. I don't like things that mess up my avatar shape either. I made her shape the way I want it to look because I like it that way. And because I roleplay, it doesn't make sense if my character randomly grows bigger boobs or loses most of her waist. Probably not something most people pay attention to, but it annoys me. You can't really edit mesh much either, and I love playing with my stuff. Still, I'm all for mesh really. It moves nicely and offers more options and variety, which is always good. And I love my mesh hairs. But I'm sticking to regular clothes until I find some really incredibly, awesome, must-haves.
  25. Basically a human-only stoneage setting, like in the book series? I don't think I've ever seen any, but it could be pretty cool.
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