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  1. I quote you so much... word by word! I spent years trying to improve the avatar topology, in vain. I started even thinking that I'm just stupid! Luckily I know I'm not... but you got my point, right? I just believe it's very closer to be a lost cause...
  2. Sorry Perrie, thanks for your reply but... of course "hanging up at 'connecting to region' " is not an uncommon problem... if it was uncommon I wouldn't complain nothing else than my own PC alone but that being said... ain't a matter of firewall at all, trust me on that. Can that rather be possibly a matter of some debug setting instead? I remember I tried to find some answer to my problem and made some changes there but can't remember which settings I did modify. I've tried running Firestorm just to check if it was a grid issue but regularly logged-in with no hassle {which arrived right after logging in, but that's another story and I don't care}, so this must be a matter of viewer and I'm personally 100% sure this is all about that multiprocess-crap — no regret using that rough term, I said that once and I'll repeat it all over again... following what web browsing leaders like Opera or Chrome, and in some measure even Firefox, do is the worse policy ever LindenLab can choose... I'm a web designer and trust me when I say web browsers today are an attempt to regular CPUs and computers performance ever!!! — I sincerely hope they cut that llceflib_host process off straight away before they ruin the official viewer forever or at least give us the option to choose between multiprocess and monoprocess from the Preferences' panel. Making that choice as optional, like Firefox does — and eventually give us also the opportunity to choose between various options like http profiles and 'old school' profiles for example — is the best thing they can do if they're gojng to keep on developing that multiprocess crazy idea. Dammit, I really don't get it... why the hell should they make big changes to what already amazingly works? The official viewer had its own bigtime problems but was still a pearl of technology, no matters what Firestorm's maniacs say, and were others than multiprocess the enhancements they should focus on. I love Second Life and I honestly hope they realize that, finally. Cheers, AlexD.
  3. Hello folks. I'll be probably lose my temper here, by now. So you're advised. I am furious against what is going on lately with our beloved official viewers... what the hell is going on with them? Here my point... I love what Lindenlab does, always supported them even when others were attacking them but lately, as I don't miss a chance to tell, they turned me into the pissedoff guy I am now. yes, i'm writing by frustration. You need me going straight to the point, right? Here we go with the list of what's going on really bad: 1. Viewer's log-in process gets stuck when it's "Connecting to region...", whatever release I try, from the main release to the candidate releases. Solved: As I suspected it wasn't a matter of firewall {See Perrie? Told you :) } but some debug setting issue which I solved simply deleting the settings.xml file from Second Life user_settings folder. I had to work a bit on preferences panel to get back the regular settings I'm used to but at least I'm back in-world again! That said... we still have 4 out of 5 massive fails — keep on reading below — in our beloved viewer and those are definitely a damn important big deal, so I really hope they get fixed as soon as possible, dammit!!! 2. Viever doesn't load profiles, search and internal web-browser, which result loading just a blank page, all of them, with no message of error or whatsoever. This happened when I still had the luck to enter Second Life {before issue number 1 came up today}, I thought might be because of the Candidate Release but happens to occur even with the main viever's release as well, something I could check trying out the Support webpage in the log-in panel. 3. Multiprocess — which is clearly related to the issue number 2, has been introduced even into the main viewer release — literally kills CPU performance... plugins were already a pain in the axx I had to live with till llceflib_host.exe appeared { you can check in yours Windows Task Manager }... I ran the viewer right now and checking the active processes on task manager I count 3 plugins already running and 5, I said f-i-v-e, llceflib_host processes without even logging in yet... a number that jumps up to 10 — at least! — as soon as I am in-world. 4. Viewers freeze — with consequent crash most of the times — anytime I right-click on several menus, like trying to open options on members from my friends list {to access profile, offer teleports, paying money... etcetera}, or even the Control Panel. 5. Mesh uploading crashes anytime skin weights gets selected for previewing the model. So there they are, 5 of the most annoying — I tried to be gentle here — issues encountering when running Second Life nowadays. I know what many of you are thinking but Firestorm is even worse — at least for my PC which is not a piece of trash — so there's no way I'm gonna use that!!! Is anybody having the same issues or is just me? And if you had those issues how did you solved them, if you did? Sorry for my temper but patience — and I have really a lot, believe me! — is, after all thse years since my joining SL in spring 2007, now over!!! I thank you all. Cheers, AlexD.
  4. Thanks Qie. I know LL rarely read forum, as a matter of fact I wrote I just hope their rear would burn {in Italian we'd say "ring"}... Talking about my issue I can't see why my PC and its configuration can be the cause... the first time I had that problem I had to wait till a new release of the official viewer, I updated the viewer last time and here that issue comes again, no change in my conputer configuration has been made in the meanwhile. I still believe multiprocess and all those spawning host libraries processes are the real problem, which included also a frequent crashing, even over 5-6 crashes in 5 minutes {log-in>crash>relog>crashagain>relogagain>crashin'alloveragain... something that didn't happen to me in ages with this same PC and configuration and as a matter of fact I've always clapped my hands praising the official viewers' stability along the years, which made it better than the overrated Firestorm and all the others which made either impossible any attempt of log-in at all} and even if I cannot figure out the reason for that I have no doubt the problem is right there. Following the 'leaders' {see Opera, Chrome... which keep starting a 'silent upgrading' in background — notwithstanding I disabled the automatic upgrades for those browsers, which I would delete from my PC if weren't necessary for my work — on and on again totally freezing my PC and forcing me to reboot it anytime with great loss of unsaved working data} doesn't mean we always do the right thing and unless we want SL become for an elite with top-notch PCs and gaming machines we need SL be different, smarter, better even than the leaders. It's sadly clear by now that LL have still no idea of SL's real potential as ultimate social media and no clue about taking advantage of that, else we wouldn't be here dealing with issues like these. I pointed out my issue — just some of many others, actually... did I mention the freezin-up-to-the-crash anytime I try opening the Control Panel or sending a TP by right-clicking? Another issue that got fixed in one of the latest viewers and which lately appeared again, even worse than ever! — commenting the post here because I thought might both be the same issue and related to the same cause so I hoped some other user would tell something about it if they had the same problem and if have found an answer or a solution, which I've found nowhere yet. I will definitely compile a Support Ticket and file a jira. If I went out of topic here I'm really sorry, I just wrote by frustration. After this I'll shut my fingers down, promised. AlexD.
  5. " I believe you guys have no clue about the real point... profiles, search and internal browser are completely screwed up by LindenLab... they remain blank, totally blank. I cannot see my own profile either. The page loads but stays totally blank. This issue has started with the most recent viewer's releases and sometimes it seems fixed up and other times the issues gets back again. If you open Processes tab in Windows Task Manager you can see a list of new processes which has nbever been seen before and which get started with the vierwer, called "llceflib_host.exe". Plug-ins were already a pain in the a** killing the CPU, these new processes now made things even worse – all web browsers now do run in multiprocess too and became a sorta CPU killers, I keep using Firefox which seems the only one allowing to disable pultiprocess but still remains a hel to work with specially for me doing web design! I've always difended for years since 2007 what LindenLab has been doing with SL {from Voice's introduction to all the social side of SL which I hope gets improved even more... SL is the ultimate social network like having Facebook, DevianArt, Skype – and so on – all in one place} whenever people attacked them but I must admit I started to get pissed off by what's going on. I finally can't stand all these issues which come back over and over and allover again everytime they upgrade the grid and the viewer. I've been using SL since 2007 and some issues have always been there, many times I didn't care and refused using other viewers – which are even worse for my computer, Firestorm for me remains totally useless – but now I'm almost done, I don't spend time online anymore {I was used to be online all day long on a regular basis everyday}. I love SL and will always do but if LindenLab doesn't sop messing around with things which were working properly I believe my presence on SL will end and I believe many other people will do that too. If any of you know a solution to this issue with search, profiles and internal browser i will gladly thank you. Dammit... I wonder why the hell I have to log back in so many times during a session? Automatic log-in in internal browser was one of the most useful features of the official viewer and now I have to keep logging in even to just open my own profile! That's just one on the many examples of what they're doing to ruin our SL experience. I sound pissed off, I know... and I am, dammit! I really am... I'm literally furious!!! AlexD. { LindenLab's guys... I hope your ears are burning badly now... } 
  6. Hello Dianna... guys... I have a few questions... I'm using Avastar 2 on Blender for rigging purposes but all the greatest job is always done on Cinema 4D {R15} which remains the best tool for me in mesh sculpting ~ with the only limit of mirroring, which I've never found in Edit mode but only Sculpt mode, and UV mapping. I love Avastar 2, which helped me improving my rigs a lot but I really just can't stand Blender, at all. I'm losing my head on that! We all know C4D limits in exporting for SL and i heard you found the way to fix that. I didn't try Dianna's method yet but I was just wondering if, since the latest update of this thread, things got better in any way, specially for the conversion C4D>Blender/Avastar>C4D through the Autodesk FBX conversion tool. Do you have any news about that? Did anybody managed to work things around? is it possible to see an example of what you achieved? I would thank you a lot! Cheers, AlexD
  7. Hello genius... did you find the easy way out the tricky matter? I'm having the same issue with finding a clear and effective method to the usual rigging methods out there, all sound damn complicate {making me feel like an I***t really!}. A good solution would be finding out how to actually work on DAE files sold on the marketplace {the unanswered question remains "do we need to redo all the rigging from scratch or do they keep the rigging even after we modify the mesh itself?"}... a step-by-step tutorial would be greatly welcome! I'm working on L'Uomo avatars and clothes to start, made some pants that rock but unfortunately I will find out the answer as soon as I try to upload the collada I saved. Please feel free to get in touch with me in-world, we can eventually support each other. Have a great second life...
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