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  1. I clicked it twice and it was gone by the time I clicked through says refresh limit now
  2. I discovered Secondlife almost 13 years ago now through an ad on the TV in Ireland. I have met the greatest people from all over the world because of Secondlife
  3. I got the error twice and a houseboat on the 3rd try
  4. We have stores and homes available for rent right now: Store Rentals: www.tinyurl.com/alittlebitofrentals Home Rentals : www.tinyurl.com/alittlehomerentals A large corner lot just became available with 1000 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Panda/223/25/22 All breedables welcome any questions or need help? Please contact me, Cutie Rau inworld
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