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  1. To Sole Demina Re: "I don't think the issue is the "appearance", Jenny. Issue is strictly connected to the use of Linden name. I even think Philip Linden would rather be amused at seeing an army of Philip(s) having a good time" I know the issue is getting Kelly free. But someone had commented about being unwise to give the appearance of being a linden. I just haven't figured out how to include what I'm responding to in my post yet. Makes it frustrating when my "reply to" ends up so far from what I'm actually replying to when it isn't the original post. Hugs, Sole Demina wrote:
  2. Please everyone reading this (especially the Lindens - with a capital 'L') understand very very clearly I am NOT suggesting this, just wondering.... I can't help but wonder what would happen if either on April Fools Day, or Halloween, everyone dressed up like Philip Linden's original avatar? No name using any form of "linden" in it. Just the look of the avatar. Would any of the new residents even have a clue what it might be about? Would the older (by signon date dear) see it as anything other than being intended to celebrate the day? Just curious, Jenny
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