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  1. Ok, it seems the asset server starts to work again, I got my skin and shape back and a part of my outfit - I really hope that they fixed the issue with the asset servers that we have again our Inventories. I am also able to rezz something (tried it with an item I created myself so .. full perm) and it worked also. A change of clothes and adding weapons (for RP) worked, only thing that didnt want to be attached was one hud ... and it tells me it cant be attached for "unknown reason" Means, still some issues but it goes forward Thank you Linden. Alannah
  2. Same here, from one moment to next my shape, my skins, and much more isnt to find "in 'Database" even when I wore it exaclty one moment ago. System tells me also that it isnt able to attach Items I didnt touch. Very interesting all of it - and what a great expierence. That is something I have really waited for my 5 years beeing here. And yes, a rollback to the version before is higherly needed. This here is a complete bug. Alannah
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