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  1. ctrl+8 is at most 3 times when it works, ctrl+0 does not work. I am only able to use ctrl+9. What should I do to settings and such in order to use the zoom buttons? Sometimes I really don't want the fish eye view xD Thank you if anyone can help! Thank you Rolig Loon for answering, forgive me me for editing question instead of comment/answer to your reply cos I am a noob at this and cannot find the links to do that. ctrl+0 is a little different though.. I want to use it to bring the background towards my avatar, for example..making the table behind my av look bigger and not too skewed and far away in the background.. so it is not just a straight forward zoom in. I can use it once after a fresh download of client..and after a relog ctrl+0 no longer works. Hope it is a setting I could do to fix this..if anyone knows D;
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