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  1. I started in 2010 but don't have any pictures from that time. My oldest picture is this one, in 2014: I had a weird weakness for Goth and Asian things back then. There have been many, many different reincarnations of my avatar in the last decade. There have been too many to keep track of. I have been most races, human, succubus, and elf, and several odd things as well. It got to be too much, and moving into 2020 I overhauled my entire inventory and started over with a single look. 2020: It brings me joy.
  2. Hello. La Jolie Designs is looking for a scripter for Project Starlight, a unique restraint system for avatars to wear. I already have the processes behind how it works thought of, the assets for prototypes already made and ready - I need someone to help make this project possible! I would prefer a scripter who can make the scripts so that I can easily tweak them with different pose and prim names since Starlight will sell in a basic package with additional expansions to the system. ***I will provide all animations, prims/meshes, and menu layouts to be used in Starlight. I only need YO
  3. Shameless self-promotional bump. The previous scripter left SL without informing me beforehand. :smileysad:
  4. Hello, and thanks for reading. La Jolie Designs/DiGi is interested in hiring a scripter who is comfortable in working with RLV for our highly anticipated Project Starlight, a unique cuff and restraint system. I already have most of the assets for a prototype finished in-world and need a helping hand with getting everything put together. :) Please contact Shinga Zahm in-world if interested. Expectations of the scripter: - Friendly with a good grasp of English. - Able to make a framework that I, a terrible scripter, can easily add on to: Starlight restraints will release as a basic pack a
  5. I learned quickly to avoid spots where griefers like to hang out at. If it's possible, I recommend relocating your hangouts to somewhere less griefed. Shinga
  6. In my usage of the M3, I found that either the hair or the head size slider needed to be fiddled with to get a great fit. Shinga Zahm
  7. On a related note, if lottoes are not allowed why are "sploders" at clubs around?
  8. I'm not a skin or hair designer, but I pull some of my older products for multiple reasons: 1. It's outdated and I feel it no longer reflects my skill as a designer 2. I've run out of ideas for group gifts/lucky chair prizes. 3. I want to phase out items that never really sold well in the first place. They tend to sell a lot better when they're on closeout.
  9. Hello. I use the Belleza Venus avatar and encountered this just a little bit ago. I found that by disabling and re-enabling the affected parts' alphas in the HUD fixed the issue. Hope it helps! Shinga Zahm
  10. - Stand around my skybox above my store - Procrastinate making stuff fo rmy store - Make stuff for my store - Bug my two friends who are usually online, from my skybox above my store - Contemplate going to other sims; decide standing around my skybox above my store is more productive I don't get out much.
  11. Perfect real world example: IGN. That gaming site is so heavily bribed by companies that I refuse to take them seriously. They gave Mass Effect 3 a "perfect" score. I mean, really? On Topic: Maybe my store is not big enough to worry about bloggers yet, but I don't mind people blogging about my stuff. It's free publicity. I have yet to understand why some merchants feel the need to approve of bloggers; people WILL blog about your stuff the way they want to. That's part of the freedom of the internet. Shinga Z.
  12. Joining hunts is a great way to boost traffic. First, join a hunt. Sometimes they have a theme, sometimes they don't. Then you make a prize, hide it in your store somewhere, and customers come by to find it. It has worked tremendously for me and increasing my sales for only a few hours of work. Shinga Z.
  13. There is no "morning" or "evening" in Second Life since it is a globally-accessed world. My friend in Singapore's morning is my evening (we exchange "good morning"/"good night" often). That is one reason why the traffic rating flip-flops all over the place. I recommend looking at ways to boost your traffic, if it really is a concern. My store isn't even listed on the search (too lazy to message landlord to enable it for me) and I make plenty of money with plenty of traffic. Hunts, merciless self-advertising, and finding the right niche will help you out a lot with increasing the number
  14. "Slightly, as you're calling me out on something that I know. How is it not legal? I simply asked if someone could help me find a set of her outfit etc. and apparently I'm stealing, well goddamn! Sorry for asking for help, on the matter." You are stealing if you purchase something that infringes on the intellectual property (IP) of someone else's creation without their permission. '"I realize people would breach copyright by remaking her, but I cannot see the issue with it." I'm not going to even start with how silly you're making yourself with that statement. "I know this stove is
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