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  1. I read that link and it shed a lot of light on the subject, thank you.
  2. I have recently visited OSgrid and found that, if i have a computer to host my own grid, they have a page with open coordinates, for you to add your grid and its free. http://www.osgrid.org/index.php/opencoordinates....... My question is, why cant SL do the same? I am sure there would be a fee for us to add our grid to theirs AND I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH A FEE. But, from what i read on this page ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate_%28Second_Life%29#Land_ownership ), they say this...... Land hosting restrictionsDue to the way the Second Life world is currently designed, with a central secure asset server controlling all of the objects in Second Life, and the way the simulators and the asset server interact, hosting your own simulator is impossible unless a major redesign of the "grid" is implemented. Linden Lab has previously suggested that such a redesign leading to an open source version of the grid is a long-term goal. )... I am wondering, if OSgrid can make it so that we can add our grid to their grid, why is SL having a hard time with setting it up? I would love to be able to host a grid in SL and have no problem with fees, and i have my own computer to host it on as well. I just do not see what problems SL is having, that they can't do what OSgrid is doing?
  3. i dont know if you already did this but you have to go up top of screen inworld EDIT > PREFERENCE > GENERAL and there is an option at bottom of that to go to Mature/Adult,, Mature/PG or PG,, of course you want Mature/Adult. I hope this helps.
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