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  1. Why wouldn't there be a "relevance" option in the Classifieds tab even? LAQ pays 30K and does not end up on top in that tab, but does in Web Search. Granted, most will use Web Search, but to disregard the exact search term is really poor. Needs a serious overhaul.
  2. By the way, ONLY TWO of of the 15 before us on the list has even the word "spot" in the title. Amazingly bad service. What's your answer Linden Labs?
  3. More griping about how bad Search is! I've been paying 50L per week for more than seven years. I will no longer pay for this. "Second Life: Your search query was modified and the words that were too short were removed." The name of our company is SPOT ON Choreography Tools - Websearch we're number 8 in the list, Classified search, we're 16 (sorted by price) on the list or number 10 (sorted alphabetically). BUT NONE are exactly the words Spot On except us.
  4. FYI: I created a forum post on this in 2017 by the way. Take a look at the screenshots there because it was a lot worse then but I feel it may be getting that way again. What Dakota Linden said was that users should report the abuser so that Governance could look into it. I think that residents shouldn't be responsible for reporting this.
  5. Maybe three strikes, you're out!
  6. The same happened to me some years ago when I owned a club. We had only three shows on Saturday, different performer each of the three hours - "Guitar Heaven - Name of Performer." Clearly different times, different names, etc. The only thing the same was the "Guitar Heaven" part of the name yet it was labeled spam and rejected. People were then posting the same event name but under different user accounts and I reported them with quite a bit of community support. This particular one that I showed in the image above was the same user account. Obviously that person knows how to get past the system by changing the name of the event....even to the extent of misspelling the name of the club. I don't want to slam LL for this but it does appear to be sliding back into people just being jerks and whoever / whatever was policing events is not doing a great job, again.
  7. I thought they were cracking down on this stuff before too. They are all posted by the same user account as well, all at the same time, any decent filter should catch that.
  8. Yep, I realize they are worded differently. Still, I'm asking LL to fix this nonsense.
  9. OH sorry man for not standing still waiting for you to come back from 2012.
  10. Why does this get by? With many previous users coming back into SL, it's a pure shame that this kind of stuff happens in Event Search! How does this get by? Come on LL, please fix search.
  11. Which category are you choosing when filing the AR's?
  12. @Whirly Fizzle What category do you choose when filing an AR?
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