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  1. boy did this thread get derailed lol
  2. I also left Bellisseria to return to my true home on the Mainlands. The traditional homes were more directed towards females with the wall colors and the houseboats too close together without having a conversation from next door being spammed in chat. I missed my log cabin 🙂
  3. I gave up a year ago on this feature, it will never come.
  4. I too have been drawn into this menace. Oh sure it began innocently as I swam underwater, undetected and poked my head out of some bullrushes to witness the event. I slowly felt drawn in as I wandered onto the beach and was overcome by the feeling of dancing like noone was watching. Am I doomed?
  5. I used to live in the "old" Second Norway which was a beautiful, vibrant, active community until they introduced the trains and the huge airport. It lagged and crippled the sims and all the original charm and vibrant community vanished. TBH Second Norway now seems like a ghost town with all empty, un-rented plots and the only activity on this once vibrant region is the airport and airplanes. A railroad and/or airport etc will kill Bellisseria!
  6. Before Bellisseria I lived mostly on Mainland and the old Linden Homes. Since April 15th, 2019 I have lived exclusively in Bellisseria from hour one in a houseboat and then switched to a traditional home. TBH I have lately loved exploring Bellisseria but I started missing the free, unpredictability of the mainlands. I have been wandering back to mainland to explore. I see Bellisseria slowly calming down and the excitement seems to be slowly leaving and normality settling in. I found the houseboats too close together and the Traditional homes does not suit my style so I have moved to the sky in a skybox with a treehouse of my own choosing etc. I am waiting to see what other style homes will be released and holding out hope there are mountain cabins or something more rustic. If not I fear in time I may move back to the wild, unpredictable frontiers of the vast Mainlands with endless roads which reveal vastly different surprises around every corner. In the beginning my alt roleplayed as the original Bellesseria cat and I found myself slowly giving up on that character as not as many people are around the roads exploring to surprise with my character. The Bellisseria Cat began years ago on Mainland as a Mainland Cat. Things in Bellisseria are settling down. I do think in time, maybe 2 or 3 years that Bellisseria will quiet down to the level of the old Linden Homes. Don't want to be a downer but things change.
  7. Bet there's more hidden stuff.
  8. As anyone ever considered the fact that Patch Linden mentioned trains or hints of trains and everyone assumes a railroad will be built. Maybe he was hinting at box car/train/caboose homes for Bellisseria! Just thinking way outside the box.
  9. What you are looking at are indeed the first known photographs of the illusive, Bellesseria Sea Monster that has been rumored to lurk deep in the abyss of the Linden Oceans and seas.
  10. I noticed this same problem sailing everywhere. Usually a blip at every sim crossing with an occasional catapulting helplessly through the skies. lol
  11. It is not showing on the map yet but the whole region south of SSPE217 is there. You can walk across the bottom of the Berknear Bay and area. Trailors? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE186/190/22/23
  12. I logged in day 1 hour 1 and at first thought it was great. As I attempted to build or create it became so frustrating and not relaxing at all I gave up after 2 or 3 weeks and deleted all Sansar stuff from my Pc. I still have a property there called "Lakeside Park" but have not been there in a year or so. After being so disillusioned with Sansar however it gave me a whole , new, appreciated love for Second Life. I mean if you can't even sit and edit a scene without a major diploma in camera maneuvering then I am over it. lol I think they need to just stop anything Sansar, cut the loss, delete it and concentrate on fixing Mainland and Linden Homes.
  13. Oh yes the house is fully decorated inside. I have 20 prims left to rezz animation stuff.
  14. Move and join all continents together with roads, bridges and sail-able waters all around. In mainland areas that are abandoned turn them into ponds, lakes so surrounding areas become more sought after. Ban all banlines and just allow orbs with 15 seconds or more. Also in large abandoned mainland areas create more Linden homes.
  15. As always with humans, the typical pattern emerges. Vibrant and exciting and then they turn on each other over pixel homes. Just a matter of time till people self destruct it all and make a ghost town.
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