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  1. Here is a tip, I have gotten and received about 6 new homes, abandoned and retried and everyday got one. Try 1 am est or 6 am est. Best times for me anyways and always had success within 30 minutes.
  2. Thank you Moles. Being a decade old, Mainland wanderer and explorer I also am appreciative of all the Mainland treasures.
  3. The babies are with mommy for the rest of the week while daddy goes to SL16B.
  4. The Bellisseria Cat hates clowns...
  5. I was also hoping a Brothel could maybe be slipped in somewhere. 🙂
  6. This punk skunk is fond of pizza and Dr Pepper and is known to be very friendly when fed 😉 lol
  7. I gave up a great houseboat I had since day 1 today to get a house for a change. Took me 2 hours of casual refreshing.
  8. Yes that was my old boat house that I just abandoned. I wanted to switch to a house. That boathouse was a great location. It took me 2 hours to get a traditional house lol. I hope you enjoy the boat house there. It had many memories for me and the Bellisseria Cat 😉 I am thinking of turning the house I got into a hang out for our new Bellisseria Furry Group.
  9. Just for giggles (hope I am not considered spamming) but I started a Bellisseria Furries group for all furry residents and their friends. It should be available in the group search.
  10. Where does it claim to be the only cat in Bellisseria? Rex was the original actually named "Bellisseria Cat". Where I am I making fun of anyone or having to do with people without homes? Rex never speaks so your putting words into his mouth 😉 And yes this is all in jest and tongue in cheek. 🍭
  11. The original Bellisseria Cat (Rex Short) seems to have been busy. Welcome the Bellisseria Kittens. There has been some confusion lately as to the Bellisseria Cat and I would like to clear things up in stating that Rex is the "original" Bellisseria Cat. There have been some who claim the throne but Rex was the very first cat seen prowling Bellisseria. He just chooses not to be seen on a regular basis and remains an aloof, hard to spot creature wandering everywhere in Bellisseria. If you do spot Rex please post a pic and location of his spotting as per the original topic of this thread. Accept no substitutes.
  12. If you look at Patch Lindens Flickr page he is dancing around a forest campfire with a trailer in the background. He is throwing it right in our face that Trailers are coming 🙂 Yaaaaaaaaaa
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