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  1. I see nothing wrong with this, Just don't look at it if it upsets you. This is why I left Bellisseria because of the bored, desperate, nosey housewives.
  2. God you people need thicker skins. It is cartoon avatars, get over it.
  3. As you can tell by my name I am a man and one hell of a rocker lol. Rob Halford is my GOD! Finally people with good taste in video's.
  4. Just sit outside on the deck to visit. Too ridiculously tall.
  5. Oh oh, first comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby Slenders in a baby carriage.
  6. Time to delete the old Linden Homes regions and use those for the new!
  7. Oh oh, Slendie is gonna getcha. Me first 😉
  8. I have always had fun with you. 🙂 Thank you for the nice words .
  9. Eliza is always breaking into homes !
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