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  1. deleted - no sense in posting with a few griefing idiots who mock, bully and belittle others on here. Toxic loosers basically with no life!
  2. Your right, Mesh and Pathfinding destroyed the good old sailing and motorcycle racing days. As I said, time and time again they drop the ball and personally I had enough, spent way too much on pixel/mesh crap for nothing and for you last comment about the door? Hope your computer burns up immediately chump. If your the type of customer LL wants than you deserve what happens in the future. People here used to have fun, know how to play and create and not waste hours and days on tweaking settings, avatars, lighting, mirrors and all kinds on vanity insanity.....ye old SL glory days were legendary!
  3. Get out more? I am a wanderer and explorer of mainland and private sims. 24 hours a day all dead ghost towns unless your an addicted shopper at events or huge clubs. Bet I been more places than anyone in 16 years. All this advice and tweaking helps but the thrill is gone and I can't continue to support a company that is so blatant at destroying their own product just as things improve. 1 step forward 5 steps back with LL. They gave us a dream and then stomped on it.
  4. Yes and yours as well as the SL Official viewer were the best of all of them but graphics were grey on some land, my hairbase rezzed only on one side. No viewers fault but this LL PBR junk. Most viewers could be tweaked to run fine but with frame rates cut in half and draw distances lowered to 60 or less makes sailing impossible. LL has no idea what they do most times. One buggy project to the next.
  5. I been very very good at biting my tongue over this PBR fiasco and been an old timer on SL since 2007. What I see is a total lack of learning from ones mistakes. This PBR is horrific and all just for mirrors and shiney things. In my day and back in the day we detested anything glowing or shining and blingy and here we are today glorifing it and making our graphics worse, not better. Did Linden Labs NOT learn from the Sansar disgrace? I have experimented on various computers some old and some fast and new and all I see is terrible lag, graphics washed out and worse than ever. I am currently using the older Firestorm viewer for now and when it is blocked I am giving up on Second Life after 16/17 years of daily use. This has proven year after year to have to face a ton of useless bells and whistles and no wonder SL is a ghost town. I am downgrading to basic when my PP account runs out in September, giving up owning land or linden homes and unless a great fix comes along where I can once again sail, motorcycle ride or even go to an event with more than 3 people than SL holds nothing for me unless I want to spend my time in a skybox with a draw distance of 30. I have tried many of the viewers and each one had a different rendering issue. The vast majority of new users will give up after an hour if this is what they encounter and learning curves are way too steep for an average user to even try to care about. Time to move on and sad to think my SL ends this way. I believe the troubles started with mesh, taking most peoples creativity away from the time everyone could build with prims. Yes it is moving to the future but again, Sansar failed and the Lindens never learn and will end up killing SL the same way as Sansar. So many bells and whistles causing unneeded issues. As I leave this forum and post I just expect this post to be locked or deleted as usual but I don't care because it is true. Any smart mouthed replies (like "Bye") will be sneered at so save your witty insults and attempts at ganging up on me as usual on these forums. SL used to be "My world, my imagination" but now it is a huge vanity influenced mess where we can no longer play, create, build or even function on. SL used to be adventurous and fun and I was a major funster helped and owned many popular clubs and also a major SL blogger (under my old name). I was also known as the Bellisseria Cat which I stopped doing because of all this nonsense. Yes SL is old code but it was allowing us to properly socialize and have fun right out of the box without having to learn about graphics, setting, new computers or whatever. Just a mess and sad to think this is what will make most common users desert SL until it is dead. SAD SAD SAD but it was a mostly fun 21 years but I bet SL is gone within 2 more years unless it fixes stuff. 😞
  6. Same happened to me but I was wondering if after the Monthly Premium Plus runs out does it automatically renew my yearly premium starting fresh or will I have to renew manually or will I suddenly loose my Linden Home until I manually renew. So damn confusing and always some sort of issue.
  7. Second Life is exploding with problems, issues and pure BS. This is nuts. At least send out notices.
  8. Being on an older computer it was horrific, more useless SL bells and whistles. I know I need a new computer but not at the cost just to see prettier land and silly mirror refections. I had to switch back to the last, older release where things look and work good again. If this is SL future I expect a mass amount of people no longer logging on once the older viewers stop working. Linden Labs never learn.
  9. I am 5' 8" male elf/hobbit and wondering if I look like a child avatar? So if you think the avatar looks like: a child (17 or younger) then react with a like, for an adult (18 and over) use thanks, and use confused if you can't tell based on physical appearance alone. Please don't respond to individual posts with written comments just use the reaction icons.
  10. I vote for Britbong and Esteban Winsmore to be the new Lindens 🙂
  11. I went there with 0 other avatars and the lag was so bad it was almost impossible to move.
  12. Hobbit houses that are not square shaped like all the other LH layouts!
  13. I want a hobbit house in Fantasseria! 😉
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