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  1. Slendy won't be lonely if I catch him on my nocturnal wanderings lol
  2. I have seen a full grown elephant prancing around Bellisseria.
  3. Been 2 years and I gave up caring after February 2020.
  4. The real Bellisseria cat moved back to stalking the mainlands...
  5. I have still not seen......gulp.....the legendary Slender Man.....yet!
  6. Send me your griefers while your at it, I find them amusing. I am in Mountebank lol. I grief the griefers!
  7. Ohhh I love Slenderman. I want to be creeped out...come get me 😉
  8. The real Bellisseria Cat does not break into homes but does use your mesh flower beds as his toilet 😉
  9. I want to befriend the owner of that plane house, bet their fun and creative. What SL is all about, not 100 premium alts playing game of homes until their insane lol. Rolls eyes.
  10. The girl cat is not the real Bellisseria Cat which is named Rex. Accept no impostors!!! lol
  11. It's in the eyes of the beholder. To some your fugly above ground swimming pools are just as offensive as that plane. I have noticed for a while now a big massive Bellisseria clique trying to dictate everything about everyone. People need to get their noses out of other peoples business and if something is too far off the covenant it will be eventually rectified. What's next? Your apple trees drop rotten fruit and I can smell it from next door lol. get a life people and play SL for the fun and imagination for what it was intended for. You all act like it's a personal vendetta if the decor does not match your taste in butterfly pillows and frilly, pink garden gnomes. And before it begins, save your troll comments for someone who actually trolls and not someone with alternative opinions. Got it? Great, now go play dress up with your pixel dolls.
  12. It's SL people, some take things way overboard. I think the plane house is funny. Don't get your hair in a twist over it, these things never last, even on mainland where this would be considered "art" lol.
  13. or a secret new location for the Linden Log Homes 😉
  14. Those chairs and table are from Dench Designs.
  15. The newest Linden Homes will be small pup tents located in a small corner of a campers yard 😉 LOL
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