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  1. Oh Oh nothing but bad to worse....The Bellisseria Slenderman with 2 Bellisseria Cats, Rex and Ziggy. This Halloween is going to get horrific.....
  2. This cat loves squirrels, hates rats ;-)
  3. I have both single and double and got them many years ago and love them. The last place I seen a rezzer or for sale kayaks by this maker was in the old Second Norway but that is all gone now and redeveloped. I doubt you will find any now as company is long gone. I imagine there are still some rezzers to use around the Blake Sea Yacht clubs.
  4. If your standing NOW watching empty ones go by then that is false. If no one is sitting in them NOW they go poof and do not travel far. I want more pods more more more I love them
  5. After all is said and done I am absolutely certain the pods will return in full glory.
  6. I love the pods, rode one a few hours ago actually and hope they stay! I am in the Pod Riders group too and as a lifelong mainlander I cannot imagine not seeing them anymore.
  7. But it's all cool and groovy to bash men with different opinions. Go decorate your 100th home and stay there!
  8. It's a free forum for all to view and comment, stop trying to rule the world you lonely, desperate housewife. Who made you the boss of the forums? Go away.
  9. I think everything was more fun then. More fun and less learning how to get dressed with mesh and BOM etc
  10. I see nothing wrong with this, Just don't look at it if it upsets you. This is why I left Bellisseria because of the bored, desperate, nosey housewives.
  11. God you people need thicker skins. It is cartoon avatars, get over it.
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