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  1. I could use some fresh cream! I know just the place to steal it from....
  2. It's spring in Bellisseria and we all know what that means! 😉
  3. If I told you, I'd have to kill you! Some have guessed correctly before yet remained unscathed 😉
  4. Just out of curiostity what brand of trees were these? I am wondering if this is my same problem?
  5. Another nicer looking area, mostly farms and farm homes is on Northern Spur Road, in the Jeogeot Northern Peninsula.
  6. Breaking news. The next theme Linden home has been leaked....
  7. Living alot on mainland I have also encountered this situation with a tree in the center of my land. First time it got returned I asked neighbour directly and friendly what it was sticking out and he stood there and helped my roatate the tree until the branches cleared the boundry. It was easy, co=operative and we ended up allowing each others trees to overlap to look good overall for both our lands. Sometimes that is all it takes, instead of stewing and trying to get revenge!
  8. I love living on mainland with endless roads and exploration. Private sims make me feel trapped and isolated.
  9. SL so slow rezzing and laggy since the move to the "cloud" that is basically almost unusable? It took 10 minutes literally to log in and Rezz inworld almost everyday. It is not my computer as everybody seems to try and claim as no settings have been touched or changed in a year. All I know is I had great workings and movement before this cloud nonsence. I think The EEP stuff and the cloud have degraded SL to a crawl. If this is the case I think SL won't last another year if it is this unusable. Prokofy Neva is absolutely right!
  10. I think it is safe to say that ALL the Bellisseria Cats are not too fond of the new stilt homes. Way too much water for their liking however the fish is plentiful. 😉
  11. Eliza I am Rex the cat as you know and I am sorry about the silly bickering. I love you cat avatar and we had fun together in the early days. Please return. I will be nice I promise. 🙂
  12. Well isn't that special. Hope your home crashes for a week. Nice try trolling me. You get a life! You tell me to get a life but obviously you can't read because I have a very busy life and premium is alot of money to pay out just for nothing. I am a front line worker, been working all through this Covid thing and all I ask is when I have a bit of downtown from a busy life that it works and I can go to my own home in SL and issues that prevent that can be fixed in a reasonable time. You? Just a keyboard warrior Mr Tough Guy.
  13. Some residents work shift work and demanding schedules including every holiday (like myself) and we have the one or two days off to enjoy as much of Second Life and their sim/home with friend. When this situation happens it can absolutely destroy your short window of leisure hours. There should be Lindens available at all times to deal with issues. We pay for this and we should get some service. Just because the only time I can log in and play may be 3 am does not mean I have to suffer because it is a holiday or off hours!
  14. I miss the original party spot before the cliques moved in....;-)
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