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  1. Oh No! The horror and terror and darkness as Slenderman rises from the dark shadow from where he once slithered. Help us God! 😉
  2. My bet for the next Linden Home style is underwater for mermen/mermaids. These underwater sims will also be used to link more mainlands with sailable waters above the underwater homes.
  3. Some people always complaining about stalkers makes me wonder if it is desperate, wishfull thinking. If you really want it, you can hide from a stalker plus mute and block.
  4. Oops got this mixed up with another post. Nevermind.
  5. Because they have nothing better to do but nit pick and look for ways to spoil things for others when something like this makes no hardship whatsoever. You have to be bored to look and care about small things like this. On my mainland plot I love when a neighbour has nice trees overhanging without stealing prims. It looks natural however something like a huge wall or floating junk in the sky I can understand the need to get them removed. If something does not steal your prims, is invisible and phantom, who cares?
  6. But then you end up paying a huge amount for an alts premium just to get that land. You can't win!
  7. Over The Hills And Far Away on Northern Spur Road, Jeogeot.
  8. I knew there was something I loved about it! 😉
  9. Once a place seems unwelcoming they are dead to me. It's Second Life, a world of dreams and imagination and if an owner wants to discriminate then no second chances once they start to spiral downward in popularity and then beg for traffic.
  10. When I switch to furry I noticed the gay themed regions that cater mostly to the big, muscle, avatar types eject furrys and elves etc on the spot before you can switch avatars to obey their rules. I am just itching to name names lol.
  11. First off, any cop in a car sitting on the side of a Mainland road will be sitting there for so long they will give up after an hour or two of no one actually driving by and secondly, the lag and sim crossings make driving a car so unpredictable that you are never really in control of your car lol. Ride a horse or walk like I do, safer, less laggy and you can take the time to stop and smell the roses and great builds and homes that people have created.
  12. Just I.M. him back and confide to him that you are man just experimenting with a female avatar. He will no longer be a problem 🙂
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