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  1. I can not make it to the town hall on the 15th...i will be working. I asked a question the last time and never got an answer. I hear you are phasing out classic avatars in 2020. I want to know why? We are being told that we have to change to mesh by then and to me it sounds like that it is no longer my SL but Your SL and I am merely using the avatar. It would be better to keep them. It seems to me that it's "change or else" and that is a shame. I have spent thousands of linden on my avi and to have to get rid of it is just wrong!
  2. I also have a Classic Avi and I have looked at mesh avatars and ummm the thousands of lindens they want are just to way out there and then you have to buy your head, hands, feet and other stuff separately it's just not worth it . After lamenting about going mesh, screw it...i am staying classic!
  3. I am wondering, why the rush to get rid of classic avatars. We have spent thousands upon thousands of lindens on making our avatar the way we want it. Second Life is suppose to be A "Make it YOUR OWN" world. We can't make it our own if we are forced to go mesh and become cookie cutter avatars of everyone else. It defeats the purpose of SL being OURS!
  4. Okay, my wife keeps getting dd5 dd10 and so on and so forth to 100.....anyone know how to stop it!!
  5. Those answers are great....did all that....went as far as to do a complete format of the drive (was due anyways) all the drivers are up to date and still see grey people. Ummmmmm i ain't going out to buy a new system!
  6. Fabien DeSantis wrote: B,Owning a busy club will bring you more tears than smiles. Like all big club owners you can expect a contuinual torrent of abuse from the people you have to ban and living as a target is'nt perhaps what you want. This for me is the real tradgedy of SL .. the very thing that should be supported by LL to bring in new people is basicly thrown to the wolves. Even a beautiful sim like Apollo was just not worth saving ..*sigh* I agree with the tears.....many a day i have sat and wondered what i need to do to get my club like the rest....busy.....but unfortunet
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