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  1. Thank you Matty. In a nutshell, you encapsulate the reasons for not widely inviting people to my SIM for this kind of experiment. I don't want to play traffic cop, mom, or manager. I just want to invite people to use my SIM to foster creative, collaborative writing and share the stories if they're open to it. Right now, people visit in a steady trickle, usually to explore, hang out, mostly to take pictures. I haven't heard anything about bad behavior. I do get the usual new resident 'bots appearing that need to be estate banned - it happens to everyone, though and they flicker in and out without a word. If I were to promote via the usual RP groups inworld, do you think this would also attract the bad actors you describe? Because honestly, people can just block and derender anyone who's being annoying. Poof, invisible, and they no longer get any attention which is ultimately, I think their goal? I'd be happy to estate ban them as well but with my work schedule, they'd need to give me at least 24 hours to get inworld. I have no intention of giving anyone else administrative access to my SIM.
  2. Hi RaeLeeH! Thank you for your thoughtful post. There's lots to unpack in there. The part that really has me thinking, from your post and others, is the notion of bad actors, should they appear and what happens in that regard. I've run mailing lists for many years, one that's been around since 2001. My only strict rule has always been civility and a 3 strike system. Two warnings and out. The longest running community evolved quickly towards self-moderation because they were all happiest when they could converse and discuss often difficult subjects without fear of backlash or condemnation. I may be comparing apples to oranges though. But I wonder, if RPers only of a certain mindset were to be attracted to an unmoderated and open setting, would that help eliminate people who tend to need lots of hand holding in the first place? Overall, I want to thank everyone. I'm actually leaning towards giving this a try as a experiment at the least and as a possible quality creative outlet at best. Going to ponder this a while.
  3. Hi usedcars. You make good points. And for typical RP SIMs, that's the norm. It's why I posted this here. I'm curious how people feel about an unmoderated 'honor system' kind of set. From your posts, you seem like this wouldn't be to your tastes and I understand that. I appreciate the feedback.
  4. Hi Selene. Just that, unmanaged. Ideally, we're all civilized grown ups. People can work things out, or not, stay, or not. RP as Her Majesty the Imperial Petunia or as Fluffernut, a shy mouse from Outer Goudaville. Okay, I would hope that the build itself would invite an internal consistency for the writers as the theme is implicit and discoverable and multilayered for those who want to explore. But, this would be an experiment. And as others have pointed out, possibly a truly terrible idea. Mulling it over, particular with the feedback so far (thank you!), I would at a minimum have to handle griefers, although not allowing any rezzing reduces that risk, I think? Since I'm not running a business (the SIM will remain with or without visitors because it's my artistic playground), I will likely have only one rule: civility is required. Even typing that, I can already see how that could become a problem though, requiring more managing than I prefer to give. Hm. For me, I'm not even sure I would RP as a main. Perhaps random characters, what I think of as short story RP. The reader in me loves the idea of people posting their stories to the website, and I would be thrilled to see how the build inspires growth and maturation of a SIM story.
  5. Hello. I have a some thoughts I'd like to run by you, the RP community, really just to explore reactions and to remain curious to any ideas this discussion might foster. It's a bit long and for that, I apologize. At the end is where I post my questions for all of you. First a little background. I'm a roleplayer of old, starting with tabletop RP when I first met my RL husband (which we still do weekly), LARPing with friends at gaming conventions (usually 6-8h locked room stories) and of course, text-based paragraph RP. The latter hubby and I first discovered in WoW of all things (less para there, of course). Then I found SL and the RP world here and just fell in love with collaborative storywriting. Beyond RP, one of my other SL hobbies is creating and decorating RP set/settings. I like the intrinsic story that hopefully suggests itself to whoever decides to explore/hang. I finally wound up buying my own private SIM and over the past couple years, have fully fleshed it out. It has three layers to it (ground level and two in the sky to represent travel that is accessed via various TP points found via exploration). It has a massive amount of my own 'head cannon' built in. I've had friends tell me I should make it an RP SIM. But there are barriers to that. I don't have the time to devote to such an endeavor due to my RL work (I'm a hospice RN). I also don't have any desire to really put my personal head cannon down into writing and compartmentalize it enough to create the usual race/faction groups. I don't want to manage people. I've consistently invited anyone and everyone to come visit and RP, explore, take pictures, whatever suits them most. Usually, it's picture takers and explorers, as far as I know. I did create a website with forums in the hopes that people would share stories, characters, pictures, and all of that, but it's only ever been visited by 'bots. I also do have an inworld group that anyone can join for chatter/notices, but it does not (and never will) give rez rights. I could envision the SIM story itself taking shape/evolving as people knit their stories together courtesy of the website. Forming lore as they go. Using that lore as precedent and as a means towards future consistency, perhaps? So, finally getting to my questions for all of you. Would an RP SIM appeal to you if you had a website/forum to post and share your characters and stories, but otherwise, unmanaged? If you were given free license to let the setting inspire you and yours? If you were never allowed to rez or rent but would also never worry about the SIM vanishing? Would the sheer lack of structure inspire you or scare you off? I don't know. Perhaps this is all too much of a mish mosh to be realistic but I'm very curious to hear what the RP community has to say. I don't want to use this to promote my SIM but if it's fine by you and doesn't break rules, I'm happy to share the SLURL here if you want. Thank you in advanced for your thoughts and ideas.
  6. The only place where I follow SL creator are on my SL Flickr account. Else, I have no cross-population between personal social media and SL. That said, if there was a way to be able to somehow read notecards that are attached to group notices via the offline email, I would kiss a duck.
  7. Unfortunately, an autorefresher is the only feasible option for me. Like many of us, I work and can only really check on my days off (I'm an RN), in between RL things. I understand the need to manage the server load. I just want consistent direction on how to make the autorefresher work within the parameters set by LL.
  8. I'm having similar issues. Tried with Chrome and then Firefox. No matter how I tweak the refresh timer I'm running to the timegate page. I'd appreciate some clear recommendations from LL on addon/browser choice that is most compatible with the new restriction.
  9. I would be content with a half random/half waiting list approach. More choices is always better and again, would address the lock-out that I'm currently experiencing.
  10. Hi! Good questions. For sign-up, I would imagine it would still be first come first serve, but at least it's not gating out those of us who can't camp a computer and feels far more fair. Your example of a fire fighter is pretty much my work life. I'm a Registered Nurse and I'm busy with it for a solid 10 hours per shift with zero time to faff around with my personal phone let alone finding a computer somewhere to check Second Life. I could see them implementing a time limit on reservations so it doesn't hold it up forever. On the other hand, when someone is near the top of the waiting list, perhaps inworld and email notifications to get someone's attention? I wonder if it could even give the premier member an option to pick a date/time window and if it's missed, then the home goes to someone else... just random thoughts. I'm not a programmer and have no idea what's actually feasible. For alt/versus non-alt, I would guess at IP address, but then again, see above. Not a programmer. I was unaware that people are paying for premium on alt accounts as well, so that does put a different texture on it. Still, with a limited availability, promoting these premium homes as one of the major incentives for increasing the cost of premier membership, gating out those of us who do not live/work at computers on the daily feels inequitable to me and demotivating for continuing my premium membership. As to people having multiple alts, on Plurk I've seen people sharing that they have 3, 4, even 5 premier homes between all their accounts. It's frustrating to me when I can't even get one, thus this post. Thanks for the congenial discussion.
  11. Hello. I've been a Premium account for many years. I'm posting here at the advice of LL customer service about my unhappiness with the way premium homes are acquired. Right now, the new homes are highly promoted for the premium accounts and indeed, mentioned as one of the rewards for membership and a reason for the new higher fee. My problem is that with the current system of 'first come, first serve' I will never be able to claim one of the new homes. People camp the website and I read about folks claiming multiple houseboats and such with alts. I can't do that. I'm an RN, I work long shifts, I have no ability to camp the site when these releases occur. I can't even preview what these homes look like from the land acquisition page as they won't populate the pull-down menu unless they're available. If my premium fee is supposed to be allowing me to have access to one of these newer homes, I'd like to have a fighting chance to actually HAVE one. I'm requesting the following changes: 1. Stop making it first come, first serve. Instead create a wait list queue for premium account holders. Allow us to 'shop' in advance and pick the home type we want. 2. One premium home per account. Stop allowing people to claim these high-demand homes for alts. Thank you.
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