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  1. Indeed it was my Yahoo mail causing the issue- Seems they have changed some things as of the 1st of January- It recognizes SL emails as spam- I ended up using Gmail for my Second life Email account- Issue solved,
  2. well i did a clean install of Firestorm and all my issues are fixed, Whoot, Guess i should have done that to begin with ,Thank goodness it was driving me crazy
  3. That is so funny you said that about turning 180 that seems to be when i have the problem, its odd that it only started to happen recently tho, same computer all settings are the same only thing i can think of is Doing a clean install of Firestorm- i was told in group chat that sometime your anti virus can block certain features of your viewer and that is the thing i have not tried as of yet, was hoping the move would help but what i did notice was the more mesh items i put out on my land the more problems, not seeing grey now but i am having items not visible after doing a 180 then they pop and rez clear, i guess its a mystery and i will just have to get used to it
  4. I have 16 GB of SdRAm and one TB of Hard drive & 6 Mb of shared cache ,, honestly i am not even sure what that all means but i got this computer specifically for Second life - if it were my computer that was the issue i would be very upset indeed lol
  5. Thank you Chic, i knew it couldn't be my graphics as this is a new computer my old lap top had a lesser memory and i never had issues on it even being older, i sometimes see Black too like my partners mesh head will be black for a few seconds then load fine but i only notice that happening on our sim lol, I did have some textures that were a 1024 so i changed them to a 512 that seemed to help alot but we may be relocating as it is very annoying at times,
  6. what i don't understand is my parcel is very private, when i go to big stores or sims with lots of textures i have no issues at all, i see no grey objects so if my graphics card was the issue i would be having problems i would think at these other sims with way more textures than what is at my Home, I did find out today my landlord said they have had issues with our sim for awhile, an Sl GLitch something to do with the memory, i assume now this may be the issue, i had taken my whole house to a sandbox as a test, it was perfect, no grey or slow loading objects, i stayed for about an hour to make sure, all was fine,,
  7. Thanks Nalates, My Landlord did ask me if i was using a different house and yes i am, that is when i noticed the grey textures, I did a test, walked all over my land on the outside of the house front to back no textures turned grey then i walked inside the house soon as i turned back to look at the other room some textures were grey again, Could my house be causing the problem?
  8. Thank you and yes our Landlord has issued a ticket with Linden Labs we shall see if it helps, i did have a friend over and she said nothing was grey for her so that is why i assumed maybe it was me or something to do with my viewer, Firestorm chat did suggest to do a clean install if things dd not get better, I have the NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 750 GRAPHICS with 2 GB of dedicated memory, i have my texture memory buffer set at 1024 things are not blurry at all just grey for a second but sometimes certain things are not even there at all then they pop when i get closer, its never the same thing tho which i could blame on the item itself, just frustrating, ty everyone for your feedback! Appreciate it
  9. What seems to be odd to me is i only see grey textures at my home, this makes me wonder if its the sim as i have been having other issues here as well, script warnings and flying objects, Can something on the sim cause Grey textures? so confusing
  10. Thank you so much Maddelaine
  11. Where exactly would i go to check preferences to show avatars with high complexity ? i have looked through my graphics settings- Don't see anything about that and thanks so much Rolig for your help!
  12. Thank you for your comment Rolig, I have an excellent Graphics card and yes i did lower my draw distance and that seemed to help a bit, I still see some textures as grey but not as many as before, my draw distance is set at 98 now and my graphics can handle high but i have them set on mid as not to overload,
  13. Buffy Latzo

    Texture Loading

    I have been having issues with Textures being grey especially when i walk out of one room into another, not all of them just a select few, even more annoying is i get the same thing even if i zoom away and back right away texture is grey and has to reload, Is this a viewer issue or could it be the sim? I do not recall this happening on my other parcel, Puzzled,
  14. Buffy Latzo

    Pathfinding issues

    Path finding has been disabled on our sim however, every time someone terriforms or makes changes to the land a yellow triangle warning will appear -when you hover over it you get a message that says (objects that move may not behave properly until region has been re-baked). I am not using pathfinding nor do i have any objects that use path finding, even after a restart of the sim anytime changes are made to the land this warning appears, Any ideas of what may be causing this even tho pathfinding is disabled?
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