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  1. Penny Patton wrote:

    If LL had, at the beginning, just given avatars some sort of point pool for attachments, similar to Land Impact, we wouldn't be having this discussion. LL would have curbed the worst of the unoptimized content, avatars would still look just as pretty. Problem solved before it ever became a problem.

    OK.. discussion derailed anyway so might just as well continue in this one like you said :matte-motes-grin:


    I agree with you. Of course it affects me too. But I already had the tools to make it better for me (impostors, derender). Now there are even more tools. I'm not against the jellydolls (even if this will not fix the real problem). The only thing I don't like is to hear from people not seeing me and getting a popup as if that is something that should be important to me.

    Of course there should be things optimized. If you look at items in my marketplace you even see that all the textures I sell have 2 resolutions with a warning to use the right one according to circumstances. I'm well aware of it and try to avoid the heavier stuff.

    Thing is... I, and with me others, have a lot of items I like and paid a lot of money for in the past. There are items among those that I still love to wear. If LL would send me money to replace them for less heavy versions somewhere then I would love to (like: show us the item you want to buy and the item it will replace. If it's close enough we will get you the new item and we will destroy the old ones (copies and all) that you might have). Of course they will not do that because they want to make money, not lose it

    LL made money before and they didn't care then and they still don't care. Instead of fixing the problem how you said it, they come with the jellydolls, still not enforcing lower impact items. They know they will make less money if some of the beautiful high impact items are no longer sold that way. Instead they make it sound as they have the solution: Turn everybody into colored blobs. Nothing against it as it is optional to use... but a crap solution to the real problem.

  2. Bitsy Buccaneer wrote:

    These blame it on other peoples computers assumptions are getting tedious. Can we have a debug setting to turn them off please? 

    Not complaining about other people's computers at all. As long as they don't whine about me having a good one either. Those silly messages are a pain in the ass from those kind of computers though.

    But since I can now easily get rid of those things, I'm happy with it. I can advice you to do the same in reverse and turn me into a jellydoll... or even mute/derender me if you dislike me enough. It does not influence my SL even the slightest.

    I got rid of the whining messages about others who might not be able to see me so the rest of all that is said is not important to me at all :)

  3. Is it such an unreasonable request then to supply an extra outfit without the alpha built in so I can indeed create my own alpha?

    You make it sound that when I want the alpha well done.. I have only two choices and that is asking people to create a whole line specifically for me or to make clothes myself. Instead I make a simple request: "Add another of the same outfit without alpha". Where did I ever complain the clothing was not good? You make points that go into the absurd!

    I LIKE their clothes. Just not the alpha. Not building the alpha into the clothes or providing one with each pack that is not having it in it seems really a simple request for any merchant. If the alphas won't fit, merchants will lose clients like me. And that might bes more people than you think.

  4. Funny to see this got in an all out discussion, with assumptions and all, about how important it is to be careful with complexity. I actually work in the graphic industry and understand this all too well. For now my avatar has 80,000 and I have absoluely no problem in a busy sim with some people below that number and a lot above it so complexity was not the problem in this thread at all (yes I have a good pc).

    The only thing I wanted to know was how to get rid of that annoying popup. Not by derendering myself so I am the one with the lowest impact but by simply removing that popup. The first who answered in this thread gave also the perfect answer and I'm very happy with the result. Everything else behind that is just noise and perhaps for a different thread about if jellydolls is a smart implementation or not.

    Anyway... feel free to keep discussing this but even if I started this thread.. I'm out of it now because it got off subject.

  5. Since Maitreya made it possible to have alpha applied by creators it has gone bad with clothes. Creators almost never make the right decissions because they don't know my sizes. Means that things they decide that should go invisible I will have to make visible again and vice versa. If i make an alphaprim then sometimes i can switch it and sometimes not.

    To all creators:Please stop by making an alpha layer for us OR put it at least in a separate prim OR put an extra outfit in it without the alpha. I can litteraly always make the alpha better than you do it because I can see my shape, you can't. I have tried dozens of outfits with alpha applied already and you never make the right choices in my opinion.

    So basically: Stop thinking for me and let me decide for myself what i need because you lose money on people like me that way as I simply look for a creator that allows me make it how I think it to be right.

  6. My complexity is about 80,000. Noting fancy on me. just the Maitreya mesh body and some well made low poly clothes. Flexi hair though because fitted mesh hair looks like wet noodles to me. So besides that... nothing special at all. But when you stand in an environment where there are a lot of no nmesh avies then you constantly get that annoying message. Luckily I know how to get rid of it indeed.. And yes. I can't care less for how people (especially you) want to see me. That's their choice, their loss. As it is mine to decide how I want to look.

  7. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of the notification popup that comes up every few minutes and that "warns" me that I might not be fully rendered to everyone?

    Yes, I'm aware that people still have old computers and turn me into a jellydoll because of that or might even derender me fully. Just don't bother me with that? 

    And please don't come with an answer like: "reduce the complexity of your avatar then you won't get the notification". Point is that I like my complex avatar and I like to see other complex avatars so I have put complexity up to "No Limit".

  8. Kinda fun and clever what they do here... They put something on Amazon that is maybe not even too expensive for some.

    (L$ 4000 = US$ 16.13. So you have almost US$ 9 left for the Hoverboard, Sailboat and Buggy. That's a bit over L$ 700 for each which is ok for some (I wouldn't pay that in a million years because I know I can find it cheaper on the MP if I wanted something likewise).

    People probably don't want to spend that amount in total so will instead also go to the MP and look for other things that can do the same, whether they need that or not. So... LL takes their money from that instead.

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