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  1. Just to throw in a different view: I couldn't care less if my "marketplace stalls", that I consider to look good in a Gorean sim, will be flagged mature or even adult. As long as it is remembered what people's preferences are when searching.

    Every sane person immediately enables the "Yes I really REALLY (i say this for the thousand and first time now)... I REALLY want to search adult items too!!!!" Why? Simply because people do not want to be restricted in general and they will also realize soon enough that LL has made a mess from search once more and that checking it will be the only way to be able to make them find what they want. Why would I care if LL looks retarded with flagging my items as such?

    As long as people can find it! So... it should be remembered what preferences someone has
    <sarcasm>oiiii.. rocket science here as that would perhaps require to send out cookies... must be difficult for LL</sarcasm>
    As long as it is remembered then 99% will all check it and the teens can not check it. Sure... let them look for Gor... it won't show up. I couldn't care less if I lost those 250 teens as customers. I didn't want them here in the first place and they don't want to spend money anyway. So... please please please make it so that accounts remember preferences and I don't give a damn about the silly things you throw at us here this time.

  2. I see people being enthusiastic about an increase in groups. Now I never felt the need to have more than about 10 groups at any given time in the 3.5 years I'm on SL. Sure, groups come.. but often go faster than they got there. In my experience, the update groups from merchants are used to spam me with info that I really only want when I look for it myself. I can imagine you to need groups to enter a certain sim or for your own pleasure of having a personal grouptitle above your head. The few groups I actually need fit perfectly within 25.

    Yet people are delirious about an increase of groups, getting more spam, more IM's cluttering up your screen. Can someone explain me why anybody would want that? How can you even manage them all or live with all the spam that they cause? Even from the 6 groups that I am in right now, there are only 3 actively used and I often try to click away the notices faster than they appear.

    Mind you, I'm not against more groups. If people want them and it's possible then they should have them. Just trying to understand if my interests are simply different or if I'm missing a big part of SL that I didn't find in almost 4 years.

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