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  1. Cassandra Visage wrote: This probably has been asked before but I'm completely lost. This would be my first time creating clothes in SL and I want to try and use mesh. But there are a couple of things I need to know: - A free software to create mesh Clothing? - What is UV Mapping? - Does it cost to bring the creations; in-world? Thank-you. Hello Cassandra, For the free sofware, try Blender .It's the best there is being free.Note , however that it''s not for the faint hearted.Despite being free, Blender is a professional software and, as is, will ask you to invest some time in the learning process. To describe what UV mapping is, I usually use the ball of paper example.Imagine yourself crushing a sheet of paper in your hand to make a ball.If you try to color it with a paint spray, some parts, inside the ball, won't get any paint.The best way to paint the whole ball is to do it before you crush the sheet.That's what uv mapping is doing.It unfolds your 3D model so you can , after exporting the UV template in a 2D Program like Photoshop or Gimp, create a texture for your object. By the way Gimp is free also, and it will complement admirably Blender. You can upload 3 kinds of things in world presently : -Images : textures for your objects or sculpt maps used to make objects called sculpties (try to right click in world a scuplt object and select edit.Go on texture tab and watch the rainbow window to have an example of a scuplt map. -Sounds -Animations : .bvh files used mostly in one of the Animation overrider you're maybe using.. Everytime you upload an image , a sound or an animation it costs you 10 LS. Linden Labs are on their way to allow to upload meshes,like the one you 'll create with Blender for example, really soon.However it is not known how much it'll cost right now Hope I helped you a little . Have a nice day. Athena
  2. Hello Koneko On the second image , you look like someone who's wearing some "smile" script.I got one of those long ago, You seem to wear lots of attachments.Try to watch if some of them are running scripts and what these scripts are for... try to detach everything to see if it corrects the problem....If the answer is yes ...You got some weird script and the only way to get rid of it ig to 1/ Find it 2/ Remove it from your attachmentproviding it is modifiable. Hope it helped... Have a nice day Athena
  3. I think you're misleading because I used these drivers and they worked fine.I 'm on 9.12 drivers for Catalyst now and my SL is fine ,Thanks... You seem following the reasoning of lots of people thinking ATI + SL= BAD... have a nice day, Athena.
  4. Hello, unless someone from LL is playing with you(and I doubt that) I don't think, if you have no contact with the other account, that it is possible to know that you changed your account, this said if you are of course using the normal SL viewer, if you're using another one, it could be where the problem is coming from. Also , I don't want to alarm but are you sure it comes from SL? You use a friend's account , meaning some people IRL knows you're using SL account.Maybe someone's trying to play with you among the people you know...
  5. Hello, I got the same problem. As Ella pointed just above it was eSecurity and some other components of that bundle that was causing the problem. Just update or remove this stuff(I found it no use) Hope it helps. Edit: LOL..I should have read all the posts before posting.Nevermind.... Ce message a été modifié par: Athena Chun
  6. Hello there, Personnally I use Wings3D with a plug in for SL which allow to create sculpties.It is one of the best tools for creating Sculpties and it is much more easy to learn than other programs like Blender. For wings Programs go there: http://www.wings3d.com/ For the plug-in which allows you to import /export Sculpt maps, go there: http://pkpounceworks.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=28&func=startdown&id=119 Once , you have everything installed,Open one of the primitives given with the plug-in and nothing else unless you know how to modify a UV map.. Modify the shape without adding any point or face,( just move things, don't extrude or delete faces of the object) until it suits your taste than export the object as a .bmp file. It is recommended at this stage to modify the Sculpt map from .bmp to .Png to prevent any loss when you import into Second Life. Photoshop does this very well... If you want to see what your object will look like in SL, Use a program like Sculptypaint that you can find here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~elout/sculptpaint/ You can modify your sculpt( smooth it a bit for example) and export it too, in that App..... Have fun.....
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