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  1. Ok all - thanks for the many opinions - they have all helped. SO - found two options in my price range with the following: ATI Radeon 4200 graphics With 256-1918MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory delivers lush graphic performance. and one with NVIDIA GeForce G210M graphics Features 512MB DDR3 graphics memory for lush images. What say you? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks everyone - Now I will avoid making a bad purchase. Happy Friday!
  3. So...I'm getting a new laptop with Windows 7, 4GB, 320GB hard drive and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M (Video memory up to 1309MB). Is this going to work? or will I have to purchase and install an additional graphics card? BTW - I don't build, am not a "gamer" and really use SL just to hang out and talk with friends (and my bf). I have read the system requirements (not updated to include Windows 7) and the Wiki...so...I'm at a loss. Thanks for the assistance!
  4. Finally!! Thank you for the good sugestions....I ALWAYS feel my butt looks too big in skits! (my bf will laugh if he sees this...hehe).
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