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  1. agreed Kamala.. just give me more options to pay LL..i would be premium but their options are not for us all..make it easier for us to spend our money here..as it used to be..even if i dont buy sims or premium i am a long time buyer of lindens....i am now forced.. if i decide to stay ..to do some rather creative sending of funds to others for linden exchanges which i really am not happy about.. I explore alot and the newbies seem to be in abundance lately . i am prone to just mentor them for a bit till they get the hang of it..when i joined there were ppl there to direct me here or there or answer questions i had,back in 08..i have not experienced the crashing issus many do in here . rather a few time have encountered overly scripted sims and become frozen but that is rare..tho the experience sometimes is less desireable in a few that have lag..usually coming back at another time fixes that for me. LL as a whole has its issues as all companys do. but this one is more public so seems we all get to peer inside and intrepret as we see fit..saying Kudos! to sl fortrying at least, it is still the best of its kind out there
  2. hmm well it mite be old and tired but it fits.. i do spend money in sl and i spend more than my profit margins!! it is a matter of convience and not havign all sorts of trails back to my one bank account! and even if it can be verified by name and other info it does NOT contain my bank router or my direct account so it is in meaure teh safest way to purchase lindens here ..i do not purchases online with any cards but prepaid..and i dont think havign to have a bank backed card or paypal is going to help the revenues any in sl..i already know of ppl who are outrite quitting that do spend even more than I do!.. would u prefer cut thier own throat?
  3. clap*clap*clap* service and usability huh..so u make all prepaids out of service..now THATS!! usability for u! service? a toll free billing issue number who has no answers? or reasons? or if any work arounds? hmm my rent is due..i dont do bank backed cards..too hackable online..my rl business could really take a hit! but now sl will take a hit..no prepaid.. well u shot urself in teh foot this ! time LL i still wont go premium!!
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