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  1. Flickr bot is constantly marking my safe pictures as restricted - it seems to detect any skin as being nudity. It's rather annoying, but I just change it back - it doesn't try to re-modify it.
  2. I came back to SL after a 10 year absence - I definitely know the feeling. Feel free to IM me sometime.
  3. I created an updated version of the inset picture from 2005 of my avatar with my FIC bear.
  4. Midnight in Paris: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cristiano_midnight/50904256086/in/dateposted/
  5. It is definitely a matter of opinion, but I would say that the newer Lelutka male heads (Skyler forward), paired with the Legacy body and a high quality skin is the most realistic av, though that is completely subjective.
  6. Ok that is one of the weirdest things someone has done with my picture, and that is saying something considering I'm on Flickr
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