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  1. The site is fine - there was a mixup with the autorenew on the domain. It can sometimes take a little time to propagate when dns gets cached by browsers.
  2. Regulatory changes be damned? Yeah, by all means LL should ignore laws, that will end well. It has everything to do with exactly that. No one's creativity is being stifled. They can still magically sell their items like anyone else.
  3. Your patience in explaining this over and over again is laudable.
  4. I made no assumption about you and didn't twist any words. My comment was just about seeing a surge of vendors now massively discounting their gachas to try to move as many as they can until they have to stop. The not having a problem with it was about me - even though I am fine with the gacha ban and happy to see the practice go away, I don't have a problem with them trying to ride it out until the end.
  5. Linden Lab has made this decision for legal reasons to protect themselves. It's not about "depriving people of joy and happiness".
  6. I see notices popping up left and right in world doing the same thing. I suppose they want to get the most they can out of it before it goes away. I can't fault that.
  7. This is always what pissed me off about gachas and why I avoided them. If people want to play gachas for a chance at getting the item cheaply, fine. However, the item should also be purchasable directly at a set price. I don't want to gamble on getting the one thing I want from the set. Very few gacha vendors also offer the ability to just buy the items outright. With SL's inventory system being what it is, I also avoid no copy items as much as possible. I have no sympathy for this predatory system going away. Adapt or die as with anything.
  8. I would hope that they will adapt like anyone else. However, if they are unwilling to sell their content directly instead of relying on gachas, then that is on them and it is no loss.
  9. What is stopping the same people from selling the items directly instead of in a gacha? All kinds of creators manage to sell their content without resorting to using gachas.
  10. Of course it is not a panacea. Locks on doors aren't a panacea either - a determined person will get in, but it doesn't mean that it is not worth having locks.
  11. After 18 years, why does SL still not have the basic account security feature of 2 factor authentication? Considering that our accounts involve financial transactions, not having two factor authentication is scary. A friend recently had their account compromised and the person tried to buy L$ (thankfully that failed), but they were able to change the account password and buy Marketplace gacha items which they transferred to their own account. At a minimum, signing in from a new location should force you to enter some kind of code sent to your email to authorize the login.
  12. I got tired of you complaining about my lack of pants.
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