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  1. Second Life Server 2020-04-16T22:38:28.540369 Group Notice dates all appear the same value. TP to Hippo Hollow, all OK again, back to Magnum, all the same again.
  2. All regions show that these days, the RC designation was unfortunately removed some time ago. I guess I'll just have to wait & see what's going on...
  3. Rolled back, or update abandoned? Felt a bit quick to be the former. TP out after restart warning, to Magnum SB TP back 10 mins later So, no change.
  4. Hey !! Starbucks just made me buy a coffee. I just wanted to leech their free WiFi ! Man, that makes me mad ! Remember, folks, in SL you can actually make & sell stuff. Profit. Starbucks won't like you selling your own coffee.
  5. It's tough being paranoid... as no rational explanation manages to get through the foil hat to overcome the internal voices...
  6. It's entirely dependant on the Windlight you are using - so as already mentioned, you can either set it fullbright, or you can use one of the 'standard' colour-matching Windlights. Nam's Optimal, [NB] Alpine-skinlight RGB, greyskymoon & Ambient Grey are all pretty flat. All, however, are dependant on your monitor also being accurately calibrated.
  7. Please read the entire thread before commenting - that's exactly what I'm attempting to convey to people who are mis-interpreting the data.
  8. No, I'm talking about the total 'Memory Used' figure at the bottom. The top section is 'current usage' [it can be further expanded to show real, private, shared, purgeable & compressed memory details.] Memory Used includes what the OS is hanging onto in case it needs it again. It does include currently open items, but also anything retained. To the right, App Memory is 'currently live' & Wired is the OS etc. If you push your current usage into the orange or red, so it starts compressing memory, then it will also start dropping anything it doesn't actually need right now, before it star
  9. You are mis-interpreting the information. The total 'Memory Used' figure will usually continue to increase so long as there is memory left to use. Empty memory is wasted memory. Don't confuse this with a 'memory leak' - it is not leaking, it is behaving exactly as intended. The OS will keep any/all recently used items in RAM in case it is needed again. Even with SSD technology it is still thousands of times faster to grab data from RAM than it is to have to go back & fetch it from disk. The memory pressure meter on the left is showing you have zero memory issues - it is still fir
  10. and thank you for saying that. It really makes all the difference.
  11. The hostility you found in group chat & again in here has absolutely nothing to do with your later 'profile' thing. That is completely irrelevant. The hostility is entirely because you don't see you behaved like a complete & utter entitled snowflake... & are STILL behaving like one. Starbucks has employees, paid to get your order right. You pay to receive service from them. Viewer support is entirely voluntary & the minute poor melty snowflakes get all uppity because the entire grid didn't run to kiss their knee when they fell is the point at which they all just
  12. It's a tough life being a snowflake, isn't it?
  13. The A&D stuff only transmits over HTTP once, at attach. The only time there are ever any updates are when it's in active use, otherwise it's all quiescent, even when worn. The same goes for all the working demos set outside the store. The 'region servers' are permanently listening, but if no comms are sent to them, that's all. The only other 'active' objects have 15 min timers [inworld counter, grid status feed etc], so are active once every 15 mins, except for a clock, which is once per second. Two of the active demos have a long time-gap sensors, so go inactive if there's
  14. What really bothers me about all this is the discrepancy between Top Scripts & Stats making it nearly impossible to track where the issue actually is. Top Scripts is claiming 2328 scripts, time 6.682ms - the top few individual figures are visitors; most of the scripts appear from TS to be behaving reasonably well, we've only few showing as over 0.010ms Stats is seeing 7380, time 18.547 ms - & that figure will always fill all spare time. This is a constant issue on this region. I don't own it all, just ⅛, but I have Estate rights so I can try to look at the figures. I bui
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