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  1. Yeah I have this funny meero on a stick, priceless, it makes noises and has a cool effect when you swing it.
  2. OMG you have to check out analog dog's hair. They have some newer kinky curls hair and it's amazing. they have different styles for it too. Plus they are even giving one out for free.
  3. How are your products and/or services created? I use photoshop and buy my sculpties online. How are your products and/or services designed? I like to look at magazines and lookbook. How did you get the shop, materials, etc.; i.e., where did the shop come from (did they build it themselves, buy it from someone else, etc.) Me and my friends built my store, and the decor is from everywhere haha How do you keep track of what you have for sale? Marketplace mainly, otherwise I just look at transactions. How many employees do they have and what do those employees do? I have a manager. How did you decide where to put your store(s)? I chose to be by my friend. What is the process of creating what you sell? See, like, cyber sketch, create. What methods do you use to determine the best way to layout your store? I go with the whatever feels right. How did you determine how to visually merchandise your products? I went for fun and colorful since I wanted to attract a more fun crowd. How do you market your business? (Both in world and in RL) Word of mouth, Marketplace, flickr, blogs, hunts and events by giving discounts and special items. How do you think you differ or how are you similiar to a RL business? Not much, I am a graphic/web designer and photographer in RL, so this stuff was kind of right up my alley.
  4. Yupp same here and using Lion on my Macbook, this might be a Mac issue. My friend is having the same problem and she a Mac user as well. I cannot get in any viewer it's like I log in and then poof, crash right before anything loads. :matte-motes-crying:
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