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  1. Haven't posted in a while and wow, so many attractive and talented people around 😭🖤
  2. Thanks so much for coming out of your cave for that 😅 That actually helps a lot
  3. Well this is awkward. 😅 So I've more or less gotten everything up to date with my avatar, but now a certain something is missing. I know this is a sensitive topic for some, but I was wondering what you all think is the best place to get a male reproductive organ. Both performance wise, (yes, that kind of performance) as well as what works best in terms of matching with skins, mesh bodies, etc. Any recommendations? From all genders are welcome of course, want to see what people from all parties have to say~ If this topic isn't allowed, please feel free to let me know so I can delete it, or a mod so they can. Thanks in advance!
  4. I can't speak for anyone else, but what I think they might be referring to is how the shoulders/delts clip through the chest when arms are at the side because of how massive they are. What I highly highly recommend is testing demos with your AO/some poses you think you might use frequently to see if it fits well. My AO actually twists the arms in an odd way so there's clipping even with the Slink body.
  5. I use Slink for the body and GA.EG for the head (skin from GA.EG as well). It's decently priced, and fairly well supported (though not as much as Signature, I find). If you're going for the lean look though, it's pretty good. I'm certainly happy with it, though if Geralt had more support, I might spring for that.
  6. I only wear black on days that end with the letter "Y" ??
  7. Haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd throw something in to remind people I still exist ? H
  8. Though I already got a mesh body, I have to say this was really informative - I wish I had this knowledge when I was getting into it all a month or two ago! Thanks for the summary on bodies. To provide my own input, I personally got Slink, but felt like Gianni might've been better. A lot more clothing options on there too.
  9. Always looking to meet new people! Will hit you up in world
  10. I started over a decade ago so... I certainly observe a difference. As for when I would come on a couple years ago, the difference could probably be explained by the idea of sims that start to wane after a while, as you suggested, so I'll give you that. Regardless, the social experience has changed to be a more isolated one, so the actual userbase doesn't even matter as much. Trick is to be outgoing and just try reaching out in different places. Think of what brings people together, or your own personal interests. Music? RP?A hobby? Those are a couple things I can think of to use for myself, and just keep sim hopping to find a nice enough community. You'll find it, I'm sure!
  11. The SL playerbase has shrunk considerably from when I first started, or even just a couple years ago. I know certain sims have a lot more of different demographics, but I don't know which exactly they are anymore. There are some clubs that are still like it though, only not nearly as populated as they used to be. As for why it's hard to make friends... from what I've observed, the reason a lot of people come to SL has changed altogether - the social experience has changed, a lot of people just come to do their own thing as opposed to coming with the intention of making friends. It's definitely different, but hey, new type of challenge
  12. As mentioned above, pretty much any head can match if you do it right. As for what's "best" is subjective, but coming from a guy's angle I can confirm LAQ has my personal favorite ones too. I'm pretty much guaranteed to have an instant crush on anyone using the Leia head, it's my weakness ?
  13. Being an escort/stripper certainly leads to some interesting situations. Being a homeless one leads to downright absurd ones. I'd just finished with a client who had taken a lot more of my time than we had originally agreed upon, but they paid well and it wasn't like it was a bad time. (Y'know what they say, sex is like pizza. When it's good, it's great, when it's bad, it's still pretty damn good.) In any case I had to dash outta there right after for some IRL stuff. When I logged back in, I'd forgotten that I was still bare-butt naked with a raging boner, spawning into my PG home sim in which my landing spot was the front yard of a children avi's clothes store... Good news, I wasn't actually completely naked, I was wearing a bowtie. Bad news: it wasn't on my neck.
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