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  1. Hello Friends, I bought a Huddles EZ Animator Delux, for the purpose of being able to dance alot of people. It said up to 50 in the directions, but it will only dance 10 people. How can i dance 50....??? I am not seeing something ..thanks in advance.
  2. ok I'm in!!! woot woot.....I logged into another region, all good now, thank you so much!!!!
  3. thank you marigold. I will try those suggestions, still not letting me log in. also, I am sorry, how do I delete the other message??
  4. thank you, i tried to unplug and replug and restart my modem but it is still not allowing me to logg on :(
  5. Tried about 10 times....as soon as I am logged on, the screen disappears and I am out. Like a hard crash....suggestions???
  6. Nods, I just tried relogging at home and at another sim...still the same stupid message.
  7. Unable to upload aa65722b-6c23-6c1a-5569-e810a5c2e01d due to the following reason: Error in upload request. Please visit http://secondlife.com/support for helpin fixing this problem. Please try again later.
  8. I did receive an error message Multiple times. Please tell me this will be resolved today....panicking here.
  9. It is for a home and garden tour and the LM\s will not save onto the notecard!!! What am I doing wrong??? Thanks, I need to get this finished today!! yikes!
  10. I phoned them and they are on it...thank you so much!
  11. I went to the xstreet and my funds are not in there.....now what? This is so upsetting...
  12. oh. ok....how do I do that? Thanks so much for your quick response!! I do believe it was on xstreet...
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