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  1. No covenant. 20,000 prims. Estate Manger rights. Ready to terraform and build on! Sim name: Ambrose
  2. Sim name: Ambrose Flat and ready to terraform. Current rating is Moderate, ok to change. No Covenant $14,999 a week Change land textures to suit I'll even landscape it for you if requested Contact Isablan Neva (SL Botanical Gardens) in world IM
  3. Is that a hair or head piece that's available for puchase? I need.....
  4. Self Promotion Alert. The SL Botanical Gardens are a lovely place for a sweethearts walk through the woods. This PG sim offers lots of opportunities for cuddles and even a few covert kisses in the Kissing Gazebo. Slow dance with your baby next to the crashing ocean waves or meditate together while Buddha shares some calming wisdom with you both. Tour the islands in a gondola, climb the treehouses of Lothlorien, and lay in the tall grasses of The Meadow. If today is THE BIG DAY, there is a proposal animation set by one of the fountains on The Terraces. Come fall in love with us! SLUR
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