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  1. Hi! I would like to ask: Are there any plans for Linden ($L) Purchase Fees to be lowered for Premium members? Or possibly for Premium members who own land? Previously, the fees were lower (overall) and so it was no problem to purchase $5USD or $10USD of Lindens, here and there. Now that it's basically $1USD for just fees, there's more hesitation to buy the little amounts and more of a need to wait until a larger amount can be afforded.
  2. Hi everyone! There really aren't that many social locations to go later in the evening, so I wanted to support a hangout inside of a roleplay sim. Every night after 8pm SLT, there will be a gathering of family roleplayers at the Skate & Roll building inside of the Pleasantville RP sim. If you'd like, you can add me to your friendslist to see when I'm online to host it, as well as join the Pleastantville group to see what other gathering events are going on http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasantville/79/134/27
  3. That sounds actually pretty cool, but how does one start that? I've had my own Zombies in SL group since 2007 and I do get the occasional new member, but nothing like it used to be. Maybe around Halloween time there is an influx of people who are interested in something like it, but it dies off before Thanksgiving in the USA.
  4. 2006 through 2008 was the last time I really saw any type of Zombie RP/Lifestyle area
  5. You may be right about the fact that there is Bloodlines keeping the interest around for the whole Vampire genre. When it comes to Zombies, it didn't used to be a 'brain dead' thing, it was more of who could make their avatar look the most grotesque, but in a simple way. At one point there were even skin makers who would make personalized dead skins (for a fee, of course) with all of the torn skin or stitches you wanted. So many groups, stores, and hangout spots for all 'living dead' have all gone away, and the ones that are left are pretty empty. I personally try to hang out in areas where there are lots of people to see if I can spot other Zombies, like clubs and welcome areas and even the occasional Vamp SIM from time to time.
  6. Back when I had started SL, there were a few Zombie groups where folks would hold group outings, fashion shows, and just hang around with other people who have chosen to live their SL as a Zombie. Similar to the whole Vampire Lifestyle on SL, the Zombie lifestyle was usually either around a post-apocalyptic theme or a run-down abandoned theme. I see more "Zombie" style areas around Halloween and they're amazing, but I haven't run into another person who has chosen to make their avatar a permanent Zombie in many years. Sure there are a ton of "Zombie" SIMs, but they're mostly to attack prim Zombies and shoot them. Am I just not looking in the right places? I've tried using Forums, In-World Search, and Marketplace to scour the SL world to find other Zombies, but haven't had any luck :\
  7. There is a hiring event going on today, August 19th. If you or any of your friends would like to work with us at Club Industry, please come by any time today and speak with one of the owners or a manager regarding an application
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